Let’s play two.

Yesterday’s rainout in Buffalo created today’s double-header.

Mother Nature, it seems, doesn’t want to suffer through a Rangers road game any more than Rangers fans do. So, she washed out yesterday’s game. They will play two today. But instead of nine innings, both games will be seven, mercifully depriving us of four Rangers road innings.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

The Blue Jays are where the Rangers hope to be in five years. Flush with brilliant young talent that is finally all gelling, ready to take that next step. Bo Bichette, Vlad Guerrero Jr, Cavan Biggio, Danny Jansen, Lordes Gurriel, Teoscar Hernandez are all players they drafted and developed or, in Hernandez’s case, acquired and polished.

Then, they added George Springer and Marcus Semien into the mix, and the next thing you know, they have a bonafide playoff contender that it just lacking a pitcher or two, and a bit of seasoning. This year is their coming out party. They should be good for seasons to come.

It’s the formula the Rangers had hoped would work for them with Odor, DeShields, Guzman, Mazara, and Gallo. It simply didn’t work. So, now they are reloading in hopes they can make it happen. Minor league talent is working its way through the system but it takes time. And luck. Mostly luck.

In the meantime, Rangers fans are stuck with what we have. That, and the promise of what the Blue Jays are. Young, fun, hungry, productive, good.

Hope, like Nature, can be a real Mother some times.