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The old fashioned double header.

I miss those days when it was actually scheduled, when you could go to the ballpark knowing you had five hours of baseball ahead of you.

Now you get five hours of baseball in a typical 1-0 Rangers-Padres game, with twenty pitching changes and a hundred replay reviews.

But I have always thought that they should bring back the Sunday double header. It would serve two purposes.

One, it would give families a great baseball outing. It was always a big deal, and it would be again. Two games for the price of one.

But even more important, it would knock a couple weeks off the schedule. And with wild card games and division series and championship series until you even get to a World Series, baseball is going into early November.

And that is stupid. Plain and simple stupid.

Playing games when its 30 degrees, with frost bit hands that can’t grip a baseball and can’t grip a bat, is not how baseball was meant to be played.

A stadium filled with fans covered head to toe in winter wear, thick gloves, scarves, hats, that’s not baseball weather.

Yet, this year’s World Series won’t start until October 24. If it goes the distance, Game 7 will be November 1. That’s if none of the games gets rained out. Or sleeted out. Or blizzarded out.

Bringing back the double header will never happen. Because who would ever be crazy enough to purposely give a fan something for nothing?


Game 1
Miguel Gonzales  (7-10, 4.31) vs. Luiz Gohara (0-0, 0.00)
Game time: 12:35

How the Rangers hit against Gonzales.
The Rangers have never faced Gohara.

Game 2
Cole Hamels  (9-2, 3.92) vs. Julio Teheran (9-11, 4.75)
Game time: 6:35

How the Rangers hit against Teheran.
How the Braves hit against Hamels.