Mad dash.

So here we are. The mad dash to the finish line.

Houston is a half game ahead of Seattle and Texas. Houston has nine games left. Seattle ten. Texas ten.

The Astros play the Royals for three, the Mariners for three, then the Diamondbacks for three.

The Mariners have three against the Rangers, three against the Astros, four against the Rangers.

The Rangers, of course, play three against the Mariners, three against the Angels, four against the Mariners.

It’s anybody’s division to win. It’s anybody’s playoff opportunity so lose.

Toronto lost last night so they are a half game ahead of Texas and Seattle in the wild card. Only two of the three will make it. Not even a Schick five-blade razor can cut anything this close

The Rangers mad dash to the finish line, though, is on one leg. The offense must show up the next ten days for this team to have any chance at all. 

Here are their stats for the last week.

Essentially for all three teams in the West, the playoffs start today. Every pitch of every at-bat matters. Every run giving up by every reliever is a dagger.

Yes, it’s compelling baseball. And, yes, after what Rangers fans have seen the last six years, this is better than they could have hoped for.

But they should be waltzing to the finish line instead of gasping for air.

Let the eye closing, the Hail Marys, the mini heart attacks, the holding of the breath, the sweating of the palms, the yelling of curse words, the pulling out of hairs, and the exhaling begin.