No again.

Corey Kluber is mobbed by his teammates after no-hitting the Rangers 2-0 last night.

That’s twice.

For the second time this season, the Rangers were no-hit. Both at home. First by Joe Musgrove of the Padres. Last night by a former Rangers with a long, storied history in Arlington spanning all of one inning.

Corey Kluber was part of a trade that was the steal of the century but turned out being just another case of the Rangers being snakebitten.

After lasting all of one inning, the Rangers had to decide whether to keep Kluber for $17 million or let him go.

Even if Kluber was a guaranteed lock Cy Young Award winner, the Rangers mentality is to lay down the season if they don’t think they can make the playoffs. (They have laid down a lot of seasons.) So they made the call to let him walk. 

Last night, Rangers fans got a glimpe of what the Rangers let go. Kluber was masterful. He faced one batter over the minimum. Just a lousy walk kept him from perfection.

It was the seventh no-hitter in baseball this year. That’s one per week. They are no longer special. You remember your first beer. You don’t remember your seventh.

So now the Rangers have nineteen more weeks to be the only team in major league history to be no-hit three times in one season. 

Just 117 more games to shoot for the record. If you are going to be bad, be historically bad.