Offense clicking.

With his 30th bash, Adolis Garcia ties the Rangers rookie record for home runs, with eighteen games remaining.

When it rains, it pours. It’s a slogan that make absolutely no sense for Morton Salt. But it perfectly describes the Rangers offense right now.

Hitting is contagious. These guys seem to be feeding off one another right now. 

Granted, they Rangers got only seven hits last night. But their offense has been clicking of late. And those seven hits generated eight runs. Because they came at the right time.

A Nathanial Lowe home run after a walk in the first. An Adolis Garcia home run after an error in the third. Garcia’s thirtieth home run by the way, tying him for the Rangers rookie record with Pete Incaviglia. A double, a single, a walk, and a DJ Peters home run in the sixth.

The offense has been pretty much non-existant through the first five months of the season. It’s showing up late. But at least it’s there.

Also late to the party is good Jordan Lyles. After a dreadful 2020, he started out just as miserable but has been having flashes of brilliance lately. Last night was another. Seven scoreless innings of three-hit baseball. Seven strikeouts and only one walk. 

What makes a good team is consistency. The Rangers haven’t had any of this production for any amount of time this season beyond this two-week stretch.

Closing out the year strong will be nice for the fans and will give the players confidence. But it shouldn’t give anyone a lock on a roster spot next year. Garcia’s thirty home runs and DJ Peters’s power surge aside, this is a team that could stand a total roster transfusion. Nobody would be missed. Nobody should be sacred.

But it is nice to see some success. Even if it’s twenty-two weeks too late.