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Michael Young is on the Hall of Fame ballot. He will need to be named on 75 percent of all 400 ballots to make it to the Hall of Fame.

Will he make it in?  Should he make it in?

He was easily one of the top five players in Texas Rangers history. But he might have too hard of an uphill battle. One reason he might make it, though, is because Young was a great guy to deal with. Writers had to love guy.

So, what are his HOF qualifications? He was an All-Star seven times. He was a lifetime .300 hitter. Seriously, it was exactly .300. He won the A.L. batting title in 2005 with a .331 average. He collected 200 or more hits in a season six times.

He played second for his first four seasons. Switched to shortstop for the next five seasons. Then, he moved to third for two seasons. Then, his general manager bungled his job and Young spent the next season being banished to first and DH.

Young probably doesn’t have the cumulative numbers to make it. But he is a Hall of Famer in my book. He was one of those players you just loved watching.

Maybe that’s what it was. If you watched him, you knew how great he was. If you just look at numbers, he might not have what it takes to qualify.

Good luck, Michael.