Because of his offensive struggles, Joey Gallo appears to have lost his hold on a starting job with the Yankees.

Watching the Rangers offense come alive lately—although not so much last night—led to looking at how some recent ex-Rangers are doing for their current teams.

In the addition by subtraction department, it’s interesting to note how poor some of the former Rangers are doing with their new clubs. Even more interesting was to discover Jeff Mathis actually got major league at-bats in 2021. Who knew? What isn’t surprising, though, is he was hitless in nine at-bats with the Braves, striking out five times.

This tells us two things. One, the Rangers are nearly as bad at developing major league hitters as they are major league pitchers. Two, the Rangers performed some badly needed trimming of the deadwood. 

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of pruning to do.