Quick 2022 review.

What an interesting season.

Aaron Judge proved you could hit 62 home runs in a season without the help of chemistry.

The Houston Astros proved they can win a World Series without the help of trash cans.

Albert Pujols proved he had one last gasp of glory left in his aging body.

Justin Verlander proved there is life after 38 and life after Tommy John.

Major league baseball proved they are tired of three-outcome baseball that’s either a walk, strikeout or home run by banning the shift starting next year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers proved you are not guaranteed to win it all with a team full of All-Stars.

The Cleveland Guardians proved if you have the pitching, you don’t need the long ball. 

The New York Yankees proved you need more than one pitcher if you are going to live exclusively on the long ball.

The Pittsburgh Pirates proved they have no intention of being a major league team. 

The Seattle Mariners proved the calendar does, indeed, go to October.

Nelson Cruz proved he is not immune to Father Time. 

The National League proved that absolutely nobody will miss watching pitchers hit.

And Ray Davis proved he really is finally tired of losing.