Rangers offense gets AARP card.

The Rangers offense is like a retirement community in Florida. They dine at the early bird special, then head home to retire early to bed.

From innings one through three, the Rangers are batting .304. After that, a deep sleep. From innings four through nine, the offense drops off the side of a cliff, batting .164.

Through nine games, Texas has scored thirty-six runs, which averages four runs a game. Of those thirty-six runs, twenty-five have been scored in the first three innings. That’s 70 percent.

They have yet to score a run in the seventh inning.

Here’s an inning-by-inning breakdown of runs the Rangers have scored.

This is a weird development. It would seem they would struggle early against a starter when he is at his freshest, then when the starter weakens, or lesser relief pitchers get in

to the game, the offense would come alive. But that’s the opposite of what is happening.

So, if you are watching a Rangers game, tune in early to watch the scoring. Then, once it’s the fourth inning, you might as well call it a night and go to sleep. The Rangers are doing that as well.