For the past five seasons Rangers fans have seen the tear down. Now, as was announced and promised, comes the rebuild.

But the reality is, the only way to rebuild this team into a true playoff-caliber team is with more tear down. 

Not a single player on the Rangers post-trade-deadline 2021 roster would be good enough to have made the Braves or Astros World Series rosters. Maybe, just maybe a guy like Dane Dunning would have made it an emergency starter or bullpen depth. But that’s a huge if.

But not a single position player would have been able to crack either roster. And that’s including Adolis Garcia. Sure, he is spectacular defensively. But offensively, he had one amazing month. He fizzled out at the plate in the second half. 

How good the Rangers are in 2022 will depend solely on one factor: how many 2021 Rangers are gone. The more 2021 Rangers that still on the roster, the further the Rangers will be from contention.

That ripple effect extends beyond, into 2023 and 2024. 

It’s an entire team of, at best, utility players, low leverage bullpen arms, and rotation filler. 

Their window of contention won’t start opening until they totally shed the deadweight of 2021. 

So, let the tear down continue.