Mitch Garver and Ezequiel Duran are due to return soon.

Texas is going to have a problem real soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but soon. They are going to get two huge offensive weapons back in Ezequiel Duran and Mitch Garver. (Anyone remember Mitch Garver?)

The problem is, they will have a roster logjam. Too many good hitters, not enough slots to play them all.

With Garver’s return, the Rangers will have three catchers. Jonah Heim is having an All-Star season. Sandy Leon plays stellar defense.

With Duran’s return, the Rangers have too many infielders and too many outfielders.

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Nathanial Lowe, Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, and Josh Jung are set in stone. Duran was able to show his worth after Corey Seager was injured. As Rangers manager Bruce Bochy said, “Duran saved us when Seager went out.” 

Adolis Garcia is cemented in right and Leody Taveras in center. So that leaves some odd men out here: 

If it’s not Leon, then it has to be two of the group consisting of Josh Smith, Robbie Grossman, Travis Jankowski, Bubba Thompson, and Brad Miller.

Veteran guys like Grossman and Jankowski and Brad Miller are good to have around, they offer quality at-bats and add serious length to the bench. 

Garver, it would seem, will be DHing a lot. He’s coming back from a knee injury. The rigor of catching isn’t the best thing for that. Duran hasn’t played a lot of left. 

Garver was off to a great start before he got injured, putting up an OPS of .943 and and OPS+ of 156, which is the second best on the team, behind Seager’s 158.

Duran’s 133 OPS+ is fourth best, only a tick behind Marcus Semien’s 134. 

Clearly, the Rangers offense, which is already the best in baseball, gets much better with them around. Given the state of the bullpen, scoring even more runs can only help. 

Sandy Leon is batting just .147, with a miniscule OPS+ of 12. That’s Rougned Odor territory. Thompson is at 44.

It would seem they would be the two to go but the Rangers might choose to go with three catchers to easy the burden on Garver.

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The bet here is, if it’s not Leon and Thompson, it’s Miller and Thompson. Miller has only 56 plate appearances. The only one with fewer is Leon (well, and Garver, but he’s been out since April 8, having played just six games this season). Miller is already the odd man out. Bochy has better choices in middle infield. He has better choices in left. And Thompson cannot hit major league pitching.

If you look at the potential lineup, it gets even scarier:

1 Marcus Semien, 2B

2 Corey Seager, SS

3 Nathanial Lowe, 1B

4 Adolis Garcia, RF

5 Josh Jung, 3B

6 Mitch Garver, DH 

7 Jonah Heim, C 

8 Ezequiel Duran, LF

9 Leody Taveras, CF

That is one imposing lineup. Hopefully Rangers fans will see it very soon.

Bring on Garver and Duran.