Shake it up.

Chris Woodwars, manager of the last-place Texas Rangers tries to find the magic lineup.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward wasn’t happy with his offense. So, he shook up the lineup.

He needs to go back and shake it again. Hopefully, that will shake out some runs.

In what might be a long, protracted period of losing, the Rangers were shut out in Seattle last night in spite of their manager’s best intentions.

After last night’s loss, the Rangers have now lost 12 of their last 16 games. And it doesn’t get any easier. They barely had a rotation to start the season with. But now Kyle Gibson is injured and will miss at least one more start. Dane Dunning has to pitch the first inning of every game he starts. Kohei Arahara was just moved to the 60-day I.L. 

That leaves Jordan Lyles and Mike Foltynewicz. They are as reliable as a drunken brother-in-law on moving day.

Last night. The Rangers were shut out for the sixth time this season. It’s been only 52 games. If you go back to the last full season, 2019, they were shut out six times. But that was in 162 games. That’s on top of the two times they have been no-hit. So far.

The Rangers are now eight games under .500, and 9-17 on the road.

But, look on the bright side. Most baseball people predict the Rangers should be a contender by 2024. That’s just three more years.

Hang in there, Rangers fans.