Still at 0.00%.

So close: The Rangers comeback fell short when Corey Seager’s fly ball fell into the glove of Milwaukee’s center fielder.

The Rangers almost did the impossible last night. They almost did something that, statistically, they had a 0.00% chance of doing.

They almost came back and won at game in the ninth inning.

Down 9-4 heading into the bottom of the ninth, due to the return of their dumpster fire bullpen that gave up six runs in two innings, the Rangers needed a miracle. They need five runs to tie.

Mitch Garver walked to lead off the ninth. Robbie Grossman doubled him to third. J.P. Martinez grounded out to score Garver.

One run. But one out.

Ezequiel Duran pinch hit for Josh Smith, who, for some unknown reason, is getting starts at third, and he doubles. Robbie Grossman scores.

Two runs.

Travis Jankowski doubles.

Three runs. Suddenly, this is looking possible. But, that big 0.00% is looming over everything.

A wild pitch moves Jankowski to third. Needing two runs, the Rangers had their two best hitters up, Marcus Semien and Corey Seager. If they were ever going to do the impossible, it would be now.

Marcus Semien grounds out, scoring Jankowski.

Four runs. But now two outs.

It’s all on Corey Seager, who is having the best offensive year of any player in major league baseball and would be a lock for A.L. M.V.P. if it weren’t for Shohei Ohtani. Can he muster the magic that has eluded the Rangers all season long?

He takes a strike. Then a ball. Then gives the ball a 408-foot ride. To the deepest part of the park, where it takes 410 feet to get out. The Brewers center fielder makes a remarkable running catch.

Game over.

So close.

The Rangers walked off the field, still never having won a game they trailed after seven innings.

Comeback win probability still at 0.00%