Swept away.

Bad decision: Newly called up center fielder Derek Hall turns a single into an inside-the-park home run.

This is what a bad team does.

It goes all year getting stellar starting pitching but cannot score enough runs to save its life.

But then they finally get the offense they have been lacking all season. Oh, but sorry, their ace has his worst start of the season in the same game. 

They finally mount an actual comeback. Oh, but sorry, the centerfielder makes a boneheaded attempt at a miracle catch that turns into an inside the park home run, ties the score, and eventually causes the Rangers a win.

They have opportunity after opportunity but cannot cash in. Oh, wait, that is the story of the entire season, not just yesterday.

The Texas Rangers deserve everything that is happening to them. Last year was a glorious fluke. Last year saw career years from so many players. This year, the tide has leveled off and what we are seeing is many of these players are not really that good.

And there’s nobody at Triple-A ready to ride in and save the day. Josh Jung isn’t going to be the savior. There’s no Evan Carter. Heck, Evan Carter isn’t even Evan Carter. 

After being swept in Milwaukee, the Rangers head to Baltimore for four. They have no expectations of winning any of those four games against the Orioles.

There is a very real possibility this team returns home having been 0-7 on the road trip, ten games under .500, out of realistic contention for the playoffs, and looking toward next year.

It will take a miracle in Baltimore for that not to happen. And, as we have seen too often, the Rangers are not in the miracle business this year.