Taylor not measuring up.

Taylor Hearn was tagged for ten hits, including two home runs, in his brief 3.1 innings of work.

One of the frustrations with being a fan is when you root for a player to succeed and he simply doesn’t.

Remember Ronald Guzman? Or Nomar Mazara? Or Ryan Rua? Mike Olt, Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson. The list is seemingly endless.

Add Taylor Hearn to that list. He’s a local kid. He’s a well-spoken, thoughtful kid. He’s the kind of kid you wish well.

But reality sets in and hope becomes reality. And the reality is, Taylor Hearn is not ready to be in a major league rotation. 

Yesterday was Hearn’s twenty-fifth career start. He wasn’t able to get out of the fourth inning, giving up eight earned runs and burying the Rangers into a hole they couldn’t get out of, even though they scored enough runs—seven—to win most games. 

That dropped Hearn’s career ERA as a major league starter to 6.??. Which is pretty close to his 6.22 ERA this year. Which mean, the Taylor Hearn we’re seeing this year is the real Taylor Hearn.

His ERA as a reliever is a much more palatable, but still not spectacular, 3.57. 

Yesterday, Hearn may have pitched himself out of the Rangers rotation. As much as fans may want him to succeed, the numbers don’t lie.