The dreaded bullpen game.

The Rangers throw up a white flag in a 6-2 loss at home to the Mariners.

Is there any greater Guaranteed Loss Night than when the Rangers decide to do a bullpen game?

A bullpen game is the sweat pants of baseball. You have officially given up and said we are letting ourselves go. 

A bullpen game is like eating three-day-old leftovers. 

Nothing says we don’t even have five reliable starters like a  bullpen game.

Toss in the fact that the Rangers bullpen is as reliable as teenager with a credit card at a liquor store when their parents are out of town for the night and it’s no wonder the Rangers lost 6-2 against Seattle. They never had a chance. The dreaded call to the bullpen came before the game even started.

Tayor Hearn, one of the reasons the Rangers have to resort to bullpen games in the first place because he cannot be trusted to start a game, gave up the first three runs. 

Matt Moore, who should have been traded for something at the trade deadline because his value would never ever been higher, has proven that with his third appearance in which he’s given up runs since the deadline. 

And Jonathan Hernandez, the Rangers de facto closer gave up de pressing by allowing the last two runs. 

A team that is desperately trying to scrape the mud of a 102-loss season off its shoes jumps knee deep into an ocean of mud every time it has a bullpen game.

As if in quicksand, the Rangers have fallen to a season-high fourteen games under .500.

And this is the rebuild?