The legend of Jonah Heim.

Jonah Hill’s face reflects the pure joy of having done something no other rookie had ever done.

When you hit the game-winning home run, it’s special. When you do it two days in a row, it’s the stuff of legend.

Jonah Heim catapulted himself into the book of legends yesterday with his second consecutive walk-off home run. He became the first player in Texas Rangers history to pull that off. And, the first rookie in Major League history to do that. 

The last person to accomplish back-to-back walk-off home runs is headed to the Hall of Fame when he retires. Albert Pujols did it back in 2011.

Jonah Heim might not be on the road to Cooperstown. But he’s on a road that very few have ever traveled.

And it’s been fun sitting in the backseat of that ride and watch it the past two games.