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The Rangers managed only seven hits. Thankfully, that seventh one came off the bat of Elvis Andrus with Rougned Odor at second, giving the Rangers a 2-1 walk off win over the Royals, who they can sweep tomorrow.


Offense is over-rated.

The 1906 Chicago White Sox were dubbed the Hitless Wonders. Their entire team batting average for the year was .230. They won the World Series.

For context, last season the Padres had the lowest team batting average in baseball at .235. In 2015, the Padres also had the lowest, at .243, and in 2014 at .226.

Those Padres teams were among the worst teams in baseball the past three seasons.

When that 1906 White Sox team got to the Series, they hit .197 in six games. Yet, won.

Who needs offense?

The White Sox once scored eleven runs in an inning on the strength of just one hit.

It went like this: Throwing error, runner at first. Sac bunt, with a throwing error, runners at first and second. Single that scored two runs because of a throwing error by the right fielder, with the batter ending up at third. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Fielder’s choice, out at home, for the first out. Walk. Walk. Walk.  A hit batter. A walk. A strike out. Walk. Walk. And a ground out to mercifully end the inning.

Again, who needs offense?

So far, the 2016 Rangers are hitting .207 as a team. (The White Sox—who else?—are actually worse, at .205.) Texas has won three games in a row against Kansas City with just nineteen hits in 100 at-bats. (Thankfully making the math easy: .190.)

Five of their starting nine are hitting under .200. Choo and Gallo just a tick above.

Yep, the 2017 Texas Rangers are the new Hitless Wonders.

The difference between them and the 1906 Hitless Wonders was that that White Sox team was a master at small ball. Bunting, hitting a well-timed sac fly, taking a walk. Because of that, even with their abysmal hitting, they still finished third in the league in runs scored. The Rangers are fourth in runs scored because they are cranking out the home runs.

So, cheer up. There is hope for this anemic Texas Rangers offense. You can actually win a championship with absolutely no offense.

If you play smart baseball. And if you get great starting pitching.

Oh, and if you stay away from closers who crater.


Jason Hammel (0-1, 4.60) vs. Yu Darvish (1-2, 3.28)
Game time: 2:05

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