There’s no tying in baseball. 259 comments

By tying with the White Sox 4-4, the Rangers didn’t win yesterday, or lose yesterday.

But all in all I’d say it was a very successful game.

Prince Fielder is hitting. Those three words are going to keep this team from being as bad as so many experts predict.

Joey Gallo is hitting. Those three words take a lot of the sting out of the bad news the Rangers are getting from opinions, second opinions and third opinions on Darvish.

In my opinion, Gallo could be on the major league roster this season sometime.

Both Fielder and Gallo are hitting .308, which means absolutely nothing except that they are hitting. Fielder’s neck pain seems behind him. Gallo isn’t intimidated.

Those are the signs of Spring Training that matter far more than the score or the won-lost record ever will.


Here is a great article in USA Today by Bob Nightengale on the resurgence of Prince Fielder.