After 27 innings, the Rangers finally score a run.

This is what ten years of deforesting a major league roster looks like. 

This is what stacking rotations with Mike Foltynewicz and Jordan Lyles and Shelby Miller and Drew Smyly and Bartolo Colon and Yovani Gallardo and Doug Fister and Matt Moore and Tyson Ross and Scott Baker and Kyle Lohse looks like.  

This is what happens when you plug in players just to fill out a lineup. When your entire roster strategy is based on the concept of interchangeable drill bits.

This is what happens when the sum total of 14 years of leadership leads to Joey Gallo, Chi Chi Gonzalez, and Derek Holland.

This is what happens when you are still riding the fumes of the Mark Teixeira trade, like the small town high school quarterback who never accomplished anything else but every Friday night gets free drinks from the locals who love retelling the stories of his glory days. 

This is what happens when you replace Michael Young with Rougned Odor. When you replace Josh Hamilton with Delino DeShields. When you replace Adrian Beltre with Charlie Culberson. When you replace World Series talent with teams that are 25 games under .500.

This is what happens when winning isn’t a priority, it’s an expensive nuisance. When accountability is non-existant. 

Hopefully, though, this is why Chris Young was brought in. Because this should be unacceptable.

Sadly, it’s standard operating procedure.