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Now, more than ever, we need baseball.

We need the drama of the Rangers scoring three runs in the tenth inning, then hanging on in a nail biting bottom of the tenth.

We need Jose Leclerc to come in and give us all mini-heart attacks.

We need Adrian Beltre. No matter what the situation is, we need Adrian Beltre.

We need clutch two-out hits and double plays and daring base running and unlikely comebacks.

We need stories.

We need Rich Hill taking a perfect game to the ninth inning, and a no-hitter to the tenth inning, and the unlikely outcome of that game.

We need pitchers who can even go ten innings.

We need wild card races.

We need hope. Even if it’s slivers of hope, it’s hope.

We need community. We need each other. We need need the joy of collective celebration.

We need something to believe in, something to root for, something to care about, a reason to be passionate.

Right now, we need baseball. More than ever.


Martin Perez (8-10, 5.26) vs. Troy Scribner (2-0, 3.46)
Game time: 9:07

The Rangers have never faced Scribner.
How the Angels hit against Perez.