We’re #21!

The MLB Pipeline farm system rankings are out again. Like last year’s pre-season rankings, the Rangers are at 21. So, lower third in all of baseball.

It’s not a good thing when your major league team is poor and your minor league system is lacking. That usually translates to years of sustained losing. Talent is the currency of winning.

Looking at some of the other bottom feeder teams, the Rangers seem to be in the worst position.

Detroit finished just a game better than the Rangers in 2020. But they have, according to the farm system experts at MLB Pipeline, the second-best farm system. They are close to bringing up talent that can help them return to competitiveness and respectability.

The inept Baltimore Orioles at least have the fifth-best farm system, implying that one-hundred loss seasons may soon be over. 

The only team worse that the Rangers in 2020, the perennially cheap and thus recently bad Pittsburgh Pirates, have a farm system ranked number eight. 

In the article, the writers at MLB Pipeline note that the Rangers have had very “few homegrown success stories since drafting Joey Gallo in 2012’s supplemental first round.” The lack of sustained success can vouch for that.

Yes, Chris Young has his work cut out for him.