We’re back.

2020 N.L. M.V.P. Freddie Freeman leads the Braves as they take the Series back home.

Nothing kills the momentum of the World Series like off days. They should play the first two games in one city, travel to the next city, and play the next three, consecutively, with no off days.

They do that during the season. 

Then, have an off day before Games 6 and 7 if necessary. 

It just seems like right as the World Series gets going, they stop. 

They should also cut the season down to 154 games and start the playoffs in September, so the World Series doesn’t spill into November. 

There is talk of expanding the playoffs even more, too. Which will make this even more ridiculous. Game 7 of the World Series will soon be played on Christmas Day.

Good thing this World Series is played at a stadium with a roof and a stadium in Atlanta, which probably won’t get snow. 

Baseball has dodged a bullet by not having severe weather cancel a good chunk of World Series games. 

Rant over.

Let the games resume.