Why the Rangers are bad, Part 2.

Sunday, May 9.

That seems like about six years ago. It was only twenty-three days ago. That was the day the Rangers scratched and clawed themselves back to .500. Since then they are 4-17. Last night they set the franchise record for consecutive road losses at thirteen. And counting.

Last night’s 3-2 loss was a low-scoring contest at Coors Field. The Rangers talking heads called it a pitching duel. In reality, it was a pitiful struggle between two bad offenses.

Just how bad is the Rangers offense? OPS is a great determination of how a player is performing offensively. It’s an aggregate of on-base percentage plus slugging percentage.

Here is an OPS chart and where Ranges hitters are, accordingly. 

Once again, you ask yourself, where would the Rangers be without Adolis Garcia? He is the only player in the entire Rangers offensive arsenal that ranks better than average.

Everyone else the Rangers run up to the plate is mediocre. Or worse. And, remember, this is better than it would have been had the Rangers still hung on to Andrus (.511 OPS), Odor (.666), and Mazara (.579).

Kind of makes you long for those 60-game seasons, doesn’t it?