Winning streak ends in grand fashion.

Jacob Latz undoes a good start by Micheal Lorenzen, turning a 3-1 lead into a 5-3 deficit.

And just like that, the four-game winning streak comes to an end.

The Rangers anemic offense showed up again alnng with the Rangers philanthropic bullpen. Like two irresponsible drunks out on a bender, they are dangerous together.

Jacob Latz put the Rangers in a deep hole by coming in “relief” with a 3-1 lead and a runner at second, then promptly walking the first two Milwaukee he faced to load the bases, he ended the misery quicky by giving up a game-crushing grand slam on the first pitch to the next batter. 

But Texas just doesn’t have a deep enough lineup to compete. In the top of the seventh, they, too, loaded the bases. This time on three walks, and two outs. Unfortunately, it was Nathaniel Lowe’s turn in the lineup. He came up 0-for-3. 

He went back to the bench 0-for-4. Sorry, but Lowe, Heim, Taveras, Duran, that’s too many automatic outs in the lineup to win on a consistent basis. It’s hard for the offense to sustain momentum when there are just too many holes.

The magic of 2023 is gone. The reality of 2024 is here. The Rangers are just not deep enough to be an offensive threat.

When the bullpen adds to the woes by giving up a lead, it’s a recipe for losing.