Won’t get fooled again.

Rougned Odor slams a three-run homer to cap off a six-run first inning in Baltimore.

Everybody has that brother-in-law or cousin or childhood friend who is a total screw up.

Against your better judgment, you let him use your car. He wraps it around a pole. You let him sleep on the couch. He falls asleep smoking and burns holes in it. You let him crash at your place for a few nights. Six months later he hasn’t moved off that couch, and he informs you you’re out of beer and chips.

Finally, your wife has had it. She tells you to get rid of the freeloader. So, you have a heart-to-heart and tell him he needs to find somewhere else to go. 

The next day, out of the blue, he seems normal. He shaves. He showers. He’s wearing clean clothes. He buttoned his shirt. He’s found a job. He’s promised to pay you rent for sleeping on the couch. He’s going to pitch in for groceries. He’s moving out as soon as he finds a place. You are so happy for him.

A couple days go by, he wakes up late because your power went out and misses the bus. He asks if he can borrow your car so he won’t be late for work. 

Of course he can, he is a changed man. You toss him your keys. 

You don’t hear from him for weeks until he calls to say he totaled your car and needs money to get bailed out.

You fell for it again. You feel like such an idiot.

Rougned Odor is 5-for-his-last-8. It’s against the Orioles.

Fall for it again at your own risk.



Mike Minor (12-8, 3.12) vs. Asher Wojciechowski (2-7, 5.12)

Game time: 12:05