Worst ever of all time.

Eli White’s fifth inning home run gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead which they immediately coughed up.

The Rangers had a lead. Or did they? Is a lead if you go ahead at any point? Or does a lead only count at the end of an inning?

Two different sources have two different answers to that questions. Elias Sports says a lead at any time is a lead. Baseball America sits say it’s a lead after the inning is complete.

We here at Rangers Rounding 3rd have a third opinion. Who cares? Does it really matter? If one has to quibble over how historically bad these Texas Rangers are, they are missing the point.

This team is historically bad. This team is embarrassingly bad. This team just might end up being the worst Texas Rangers team ever. Right now, it actually is the worst ever.

But even that is cause for debate. Is it the 1973 team that lost 105 games? Or the 1972 team with the lowest winning percentage in Texas Rangers history, spared from not having the most losses by a strike-shortened season?

You have to go by winning percentage.

The 1973 Texas Rangers: .352.
The 1972 Texas Rangers: .351.
The 2021 Texas Rangers: :350.

Not even the horrible Washington Senators, where this team came from, had a season anywhere near this bad. The Rangers return home after an 0-10 road trip, the worst in franchise history. They had an 0-9 road trip earlier this year. This team is now 30 games under .500. They have completed 105 innings without leading after the inning.

All of this leads to one question. How is it possible that the architect of this fiasco survives? If Jon Daniels keeps his job, that will tell you all you need to know about the ownership of this franchise. 

They have no shame.