Optimism. 41 comments

The good news is, the Rangers had zero errors yesterday. The bad news is, that means all seven runs Doug Fister allowed, and all then runs the Rangers allowed total in yesterday’s 10-0 loss to the White Sox, were earned. All twenty hits they gave up were legitimate hits. The […]

A new bat. 49 comments

Badly in need of starting pitching, the Texas Rangers made a move yesterday, acquiring power-hitting first baseman Tommy Joseph off waivers from the Phillies. The 26-year-old Joseph was the starting first baseman for Philadelphia last season, but lost his job when the Phillies signed Carlos Santana, then lost his roster […]

Baseball is hard. 55 comments

Baseball is hard. It’s why so many athletes choose other sports. They are easier. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in any sport. Playing at the major league level is difficult. Shohei Ohtani is finding that out on an international scale. Every spring at-bat, every spring pitch, […]

Pitching duos. 76 comments

How times change. There’s an article on mlb.com rating the top pitching duos in baseball. Of course, the Rangers don’t make that list. But it go me thinking about last season and the way the Rangers marketed Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels. They had a little film called Two Aces […]

Es. 53 comments

Spring is teaching us one thing about the Rangers. It’s going to be a generous team. They will be philanthropists. Two more unearned runs yesterday. Twenty-four errors in twenty-two games. Spring is for fundamentals. Those things don’t seem to be being addressed at Rangers camp. Defense has never been a […]

Still going. 82 comments

Is it over yet? It spring training over? Can we just get into a time machine set for March 29, 2018, and get this over with already? Please.  

Home stretch. 31 comments

In the home stretch. Two more weeks until opening day. There don’t seem to be may surprises in Surprise. Nobody is coming out of nowhere to turn heads. No dark horse is emerging. No Austin Bibens-Dirkx stories. Clayton Blackburn could have been that story. He has had the ignominy of […]

First round of re-assignments. 31 comments

In case you missed it yesterday, the Rangers made their first big round of roster moves, assigning fourteen players to their minor league camp. The biggest name was Willie Calhoon, the man without a natural defensive position, who the Rangers acquired for Yu Darvish. Others sent down were pitchers Austin […]

And the award for most indispensable goes to… 18 comments

Anthony Castrovince on mlb.com named the most indispensable player on every major league team. On the Texas Rangers… (drumroll please as envelope is handed out). …La La Land. No, wait. Cole Hamels. Here’s what Castrovince said: “The Rangers’ rotation beyond Hamels ranges from the the iffy (Doug Fister, Matt Moore, […]

Bush’s role defined. 69 comments

He was the Rangers closer for a while last year. He came into camp determined to make the starting rotation. Rangers manager Jeff Banister has declared he will be neither in 2018. He will, instead, be a middle-reliever. The Rangers version of an Andrew Miller. And that might be the […]