It’s a sweep. 60 comments

While it hasn’t been the best time to be a Rangers fan the last few seasons, it could be worse. You could be a Mariners fan. In 2001 they set the all-time record with 116 regular season wins. It’s been all downhill from there. They haven’t sniffed the playoffs since. This […]

What is. 79 comments

  Playing in the loser’s bracket is so much easier. Not to take anything away from what the Rangers have done this past week, winning six out of seven to claw back to .500, but there are two divisions in the American League. The elite teams and the also-rans. The […]

We have a pitcher. 324 comments

  Twenty-nine and two-third consecutive scoreless innings at home. Until Seattle finally broke through for two runs in the seventh, that’s how long Mike Minor went without anyone scoring off him at the Ballpark. He now owns the Rangers record for that sort of thing. Minor is now sixth in the […]

Home sweet home. 319 comments

  The Texas Ranger are two teams. At home, they are pretty much unbeatable, a 636 team, a 103-win team. On the road, they are pretty much inept, a .318 team, a 51-win team. If they keep this pace, they will win 52 games at home and 25 games on […]

Trending. 224 comments

The Rangers have an interesting trend going this year. They lose the first game of the series and win the last one. Of the fourteen previous series Texas has played, they have lost the first game and won the last game nine times. Interestingly for a team that’s under .500, the […]

One good inning. 131 comments

Three noteworthy things happened last night. One, the Rangers had their biggest inning of the year, seven runs in the second. Two, the Rangers bullpen didn’t give it back. Three, Adrian Sampson got his first major league win in a training wheel start. Unable to get a win the conventional […]

Dreams don’t always come true. 252 comments

The Rangers are playing the Cardinals again and that only means drudging up old, bad memories. I was at Game 6 in St Louis in 2011 when baseball punched me in the stomach. I was at Game 7 the next night when baseball finished it off with a kick to […]

Calhoun looks ready. 88 comments

  The third Willie Calhoun era got off to a promising start. A game-changing start. Batting second, he homered in his first 2019 plate appearance, putting the Rangers up 2-0, a lead they would never relinquish. He’s been a player who hasn’t approached the hype. Nor has he approached things […]

Miller implodes. 81 comments

  The good thing about being a Rangers fan is knowing your team has money to burn. The bad thing about being a Rangers fan is knowing your team doesn’t have a clue how to spend the money it burns. Late in 2018, after coming back from Tommy John surgery, Shelby […]

Rangers walking a lot. 254 comments

  The Rangers aren’t the only team trying this new patient approach at the plate. It seems the Rangers opponents have caught on too. While offensively Texas hitters have drawn the third-most walks in the league, 153 free ones, Texas pitching has given up the second-most walks in the American […]