Not quite ready. 118 comments

  The Rangers have had three starts so far this season from two pitchers they were desperately hoping to not have to use. One from Taylor Hearn. Two from Joe Palumbo. Combined they have pitched 6.1 innings, giving up 15 hits, seven walks and 16 earned runs. That’s a 22.86 […]

Sampson trending the wrong way. 144 comments

  Even in the best of years, you are going to have 10-1 spankings. The key isn’t how you are in your worst times, it’s how you respond to your worst times. That’s the beauty of baseball. The season is long enough to forgot games like this. Adrian Sampson has […]

Deep depth. 75 comments

  The Rangers have depth. With Joey Gallo gone, they are 16-10. When Elvis Andrus went out for nine games, they were 8-1. It doesn’t matter who is in or who is out, the Rangers have enough offense. That’s what makes this team so fun to watch. Yesterday it was Danny Santana, whose […]

Walking wounded. 107 comments

  Hunter Pence is hurt. Nomar Mazara is hurt. Joey Gallo is hurt. The Injured List is getting crowded with Rangers outfielders. Fortunately, Willie Calhoun is ready to go. Both Mazara and Pence are due for MRIs today to determine the extent of their injuries. One, or both, could go […]

Intangible. 39 comments

  The intangibles. That’s all we kept hearing about Jeff Mathis. He’s not here because of his bat, he’s here because of the intangibles. Because of this special quality he brings to the team. “What is it?” “We can’t tell you. It’s intangible.” There has to be some reason a […]

What the Rangers are worth. 78 comments

There’s a reason why baseball players demand so much money. Baseball teams have it. Boatloads of it. For the first time ever, according to Forbes, all thirty teams are worth more than one billion dollars. In fact, the average team is worth almost double that—$1.75 billion. In the twenty-two years […]

Out with the old. 143 comments

  Here is the difference between this season (so far) and the past few Rangers seasons. The Rangers had a five-run lead and you never expected them to lose. In fact, you expected them to put the foot on the throat and keep piling it on. Neither thing happened, of […]

The future isn’t always tomorrow. 165 comments

  The Red Sox won the World Series last year and its front office mistakenly believed it just had to run players out there in Boston uniforms and they would win it again. It doesn’t work that way. Winning it all isn’t necessarily the result of having the best players. […]

Rangers are a contender. 216 comments

  No longer is it a question of whether this Rangers team is a contender. It is. It isn’t contending for a division crown. It isn’t contending for the first wild card spot. But it is contending for the second wild card spot. In fact, it’s in the driver’s seat. The […]

Like a cockroach (but in a good way). 401 comments

  This is a Rangers team that refuses to go quietly. Which means this is a Rangers team that is fun to watch. In the past, Rangers teams would score a run or two early, then head for the exits. The game was determined early. You knew the outcome by […]