Starting over.   Recently updated !

It took Jon Daniels just sixteen years. But he did it. He took this Rangers franchise back to square one. Back to the beginning. Back to 100 losses. He delivered it back to where it started, a team so bad it relocated out of embarrassment and apathy. His 2021 team […]

Great races.   Recently updated !

Occasionally, one looks up from the car wreck that is the Rangers franchise at the MLB landscape. There is some pretty darn compelling baseball going on. The Cardinals have won sixteen games in a row. That’s a franchise record. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, […]

Slap fight.

The announcers on TV called it a pitching duel last night. The Rangers-Orioles game was a shutout through the sixth inning. Max Scherzer vs Brandon Woodruff. That’s a pitching duel. Gerrit Cole vs Robby Ray. That’s a pitching duel. Bob Gibson vs Juan Marichal. That’s a pitching duel. But when […]

A brief moment of joy.

Every once in a while, baseball shows back up to remind you of how wonderful it can be. It showed up in the top of the ninth inning yesterday in Baltimore. The Rangers had one of those comebacks that remind of how much we are going to miss this game […]

As bad as it gets.

Last night’s Rangers-Orioles game featured the worst team in the American League. It wasn’t the Orioles. It’s the road Texas Rangers.  As bad as Baltimore is, and they are pitiful, putrid, horrible, and all the synonyms Roget can spit out for baseball ineptitude, the Rangers on the road are actually […]


The Rangers can’t play spoiler. At least, they couldn’t spoil the Yankees playoff hopes. They were, unfortunately, able to spoil their own playoff hopes back in April.  They rolled over like a tame puppy against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Texas started this killer stretch of thirteen straight against playoff-hopeful […]

Ibañez earning it.

Three more hits for Andy Ibañez. And all of a sudden he is the leading Rangers hitter in batting average. He’d be second but the Rangers jettisoned their best hitter, Yohel Pozo, to the minor leagues.  That’s the fate of being a Ranger. The better you do, the less attractive […]

Lost opportunities.

The game is about taking advantage of opportunities. You don’t get many. You have to capitalize on them while you can. The Rangers are on their way to a one-hundred-loss season and the Yankees are in the hunt for the playoffs for that reason. One turned opportunities into runs. One […]

The Rangers need a new approach.

What else can anyone expect when Jordan Lyles and Mike Foltynewicz are in the same game? Frankly, the fact the Rangers gave up only seven runs is surprising. What’s not surprising is all seven runs were given up by Lyles (five) and Foltynewicz (two). They represent everything that has been […]

Closing thoughts.

Does anyone remember Jose Leclerc? A few years ago, the Rangers front office made the wrongheaded decision to bestow a long-term contract on Jose Leclerc. Because he had one part of a brilliant season as a closer.  In 2018, after the Rangers traded closer de jour Keona Kela to the […]