Dodger green. 32 comments

  The Dodgers have the highest payroll in baseball. What’s interesting, though, is where that money is going. Or, not going as the case may be. When you look at the players in their lineup, they seem to be sweeping their way through the post-season with virtual no-names. Other than […]

Offensively challenged. 92 comments

As abysmal as Rougned Odor’s 2017 season was, and it was abysmal, he would be the offensive star of the Houston Astros in this Championship Series. That’s how bad their offense has been. Odor-rific. Josh Reddick, 0-for-13. George Springer, 1-for14. Marwin Gonzalez, 1-for-12. Alex Bregman, 2-for-13. Through the first four […]

Yankees wake up. 125 comments

  The Yankees weren’t about to go down quietly. After last night’s 8-1 beat down of the Astros, the Yankees are now 4-0 at home this post season, having won the wild card game, both division series games, and the first championship series game at home. What remains to be […]

Oddly familiar. 94 comments

  It turns out, the Texas Rangers did, in fact, make the playoffs. They just called themselves the Chicago Cubs. Watching the Cubs hitters strike out twelve times last night seemed oddly familiar to what Rangers fans saw all season with their team. Watching the bullpen implode seemed familiar too. […]

Verlander was the answer. 79 comments

  Question: How do you keep the bullpen from blowing a lead? Answer: Your starter goes all nine innings. Question: How do you ensure your starter goes nine innings? Answer 1: You get one with the mindset of Justin Verlander who said afterward that he had no intention of coming […]

Astros take the first one. 158 comments

  The Astros showed how many ways they can beat you last night. With the smothering pitching of Dallas Keuchel. With the MVP bat of Jose Altuve. With singles instead of home runs. With outfield defense. Or, to put it into terms we Rangers fans can relate to, with everything […]

Nationals do it again. 120 comments

The Washington Nationals announce that, effective immediately, they are shutting down fragile starter Stephen Strasburg once again, like they did in 2012, in order to save wear and tear on his arm. “For the good of the player and the industry,” his agent Scott Boras explained, “my client will not […]

Two good ones. 64 comments

It’s the Yankees and Astros. The MVP vote in the American League will come down to Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge. The championship of the American League will come down to Altuve’s team and Judge’s team. The irony is so thick you need something that cuts thick irony to cut […]

Dusting off the pitch counts. 134 comments

Dusty Baker is getting crucified in the media for taking out Max Scherzer after 98 pitches on Monday. He had just given up his first hit, after six and a third innings of no-hit baseball. Scherzer committed the unpardonable sin of giving up a base runner after the sixth inning. […]

Trade deadline magic. 41 comments

The Astros showed why they are a team to be reckoned with yesterday, coming from behind against Red Sox ace Chris Sale to win the division series and move onto the championship series against the winner of the Yankees and Indians in Game 5 Wednesday in Cleveland. Chris Sale lost […]