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How ugly was last night’s game? The ugliest. *****TODAY’S GAME: Wes Benjamin (1-1, 4.41) vs. Alex Young (2-4, 5.44)_____________________________

The Kyle Gibson tease.

Welcome to the frustrating tease that is Kyle Gibson. One game he throws a complete game 1-0 gem. The next game, he follows it up by giving up eight runs (seven earned) in four innings, including four walks, five hits, and the eighth grand slam Rangers pitching has gifted this […]

Rangers turn on power switch.

Gallo. Tejeda. Huff. Odor. Dietrich. The Rangers hit five home runs yesterday. It usually takes this team a month to hit five home runs.  That was fun. And that was a glaring reminder of how huge the Rangers lack of power is. The five games before yesterday, Texas scored 1.6 […]

Third and a long way to go.

The Rangers have a lot of holes. Too many to fix in one off-season. Too many to fix over the next few off-seasons. But there is perhaps no bigger hole than the production they are getting, or more aptly not getting, at third base. After 52 major league games in […]

D-Train has arrived at the station.

Demarcus “D-Train” Evans made his much-anticipated major league debut last night in Anaheim. D-Train was slightly D-railed. Two batters in, it was a D-saster.  Evans earned the nickname D-Train because he’s built like a locomotive. The twenty-three-year-old right-hander is 6’5” and 265 pounds. The Rangers drafted Evans in the twenty-fifth round […]


There are only so many 1-0 shutouts a team can throw. According to Evan Grant, the Rangers have scored exactly one run per game now eleven times. No other team in baseball can boast that. Well, not exactly boast. Hide in shame might be the better way to say it. […]


This is what makes baseball so great. It’s totally unpredictable.  Nobody in the entire free world—no man, woman or child—could have ever predicted Kyle Gibson would pitch a complete game shutout. In 202 previous starts, he had never pitched a shutout. He’d had only two complete games. He came into […]

The road ahead.

With last night’s 4-1 loss to Houston, the Rangers fell to 4-18 on the road.  The future is going to be lined with losing. And it’s not just that the next eight games are on the road. It’s that, yesterday, Jon Daniels laid out the road map for 2021. It’s a […]

Willie is back.

The crowded Rangers roster gets even more crowded today as Willie Calhoun returns, fresh off the I.L., after missing about a month with a pulled hamstring. This has been a forgettable season for Calhoun in what should have been quite the opposite. After numerous stalled attempts to make the team […]


Eventually, this pandemic will go away and fans will be allowed to go to baseball games and the few Rangers fans left will get to see a game in person. Over the weekend I took a tour of The Shed. Here are some photos I took. *****NO GAME TODAY.