Three in a row. 46 comments

  Elvis Andrus is back. All is right in Rangersland. For those who are Sabermetically inclined, Texas is 5-10 in games in which Elvis Andrus has played, which is a .333 winning percentage. They are 24-24 in games in which he did not play. Which is a .414 in games […]

That one was wild. 71 comments

  The Rangers started a guy with an ERA of 30.86. The Rockies bullpen is the worst in baseball. Yes, there was going to be offense. A lot of it. Early, late and often. Fortunately for the Rangers, and Rangers fans, it was often and late, as they scored twelve runs […]

A welcome relief. 110 comments

  It’s amazing how much fun this game is when it’s played right. When the starting pitcher goes seven and gives up only two runs like Mike Minor did yesterday. That’s a rarity with the Rangers, but such a welcome sight. Or, when the Rangers pull off a perfectly executed […]

Carbon copy. 71 comments

    It’s said that everyone has a doppelganger, an exact double living somewhere on this planet that looks and acts just like they do. One rarely sees his own doppelganger in person. So imagine the shock Matt Moore got last night when his exact identical pitching double appeared before […]

Mendez gets a shot. 150 comments

  The Yohander Mendez era begins today. Barren of arms in the rotation, and infertile of major-league ready pitching, the Rangers are turning to their number seven prospect, according to MLB Pipeline, for an extended look. He’s been a September call-up the last two seasons, and was up for the […]

Six in a row. 19 comments

  When you are a bad team, nothing goes right. The nights you get great starting pitching, your offense doesn’t show up. The nights the offense lights it up, the pitching burns it down. You lose low scoring games. You lose laughers. You lose close games. You lose with games […]

Bullpen day. 146 comments

  The Dodgers rotation has so many injuries, they are regularly having a bullpen day, where the entire game is manned by relief pitchers. They did that last night against the Rangers. That is by design. The Rangers rotation has so many Rangers, they regularly have a bullpen day as […]

Rear view mirrors. 73 comments

  According to Sportrac, which tracks this sort of thing, the Texas Rangers have the fourteenth largest payroll in baseball for 2018: $143,911,000 million. For their money, the Rangers are not getting their money’s worth. Look at the team Jon Daniels has assembled for nearly $144 million: The Rangers have […]

Gut punch. 52 comments

  You have to give the Rangers credit. At least they are finding inventive ways to lose ball games. After leaving a franchise-record seventeen runners on base to lose Saturday’s game, a balk that was so elusive neither the home plate or first base umpires saw it did in the […]

How was that even possible? 123 comments

  It’s almost impossible to lose a game like that. How do you not win when the other team walks ten of your batters, hits five of them, gives up five base hits, and blows a potential bases-loaded inning-ending double play? How do you have twenty base runners and come […]