Forgettable. 44 comments

  It was a record-setting night. And a record-ending night. Starting with the temperature at game time, all all-time high of 111 degrees. And that was the most enjoyable thing about last night. Austin Bibens-Dirkx broke the Rangers team record for most runs allowed in relief, with eleven. The quintessential […]

Willie. 163 comments

  The Willie Calhoun era has begun. Just like Nomar Mazara two seasons ago, Calhoun was called up earlier than planned due to an injury. Ironically, to Mazara. Calhoun’s arrival was much anticipated. Most wondered why he didn’t start the season with the Rangers, or why it took an injury […]

The long ball. 142 comments

  The day after the All-Star Game, Rangers great Michael Young, commenting on the ten-home-run barrage he had just witnessed, tweeted that it’s pretty obvious something is up with the balls they use during those games. He said the two hardest drives he ever hit in his career come in […]

Stats. 40 comments

I’ve always joked that unearned runs matter only to a player’s parents and his agent. Same holds for most of the new generation stats. There are so many that they will make your head spin. For a hundred years, baseball got along just fine with batting average and on-base percentage […]

American League wins Home Run Derby. 14 comments

  The Home Run Derby spilled over into a second night in DC.  In the year of the strikeout or home run, both were on full display in the All-Star Game. Both teams combined for a record ten home runs, shattering the six that were hit in the 1971 classic. […]

All-Star break. 79 comments

  The deflation of the talent pool continues. In 2010, the Texas Rangers had six players make the All-Star team roster: Josh Hamilton and Vlad Guerrero as starters along with Cliff Lee, Neftali Feliz, Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus The 2011 All-Star team featured five Rangers: Adrian Beltre and Josh […]

A badly needed break. 27 comments

  Carlos Tocci getting tagged out at home by a good ten feet put an end to the Rangers first half misery in appropriate style. It was a fitting end to the game that ended the proverbial first half of the season. The Rangers limp into the All-Star break losing […]

A yawner. 56 comments

A list of fifteen really boring things: 1) From 1977 to 2011, the flag of Libya was simply all green. 2) The dot on the top of the “I” and the “j” is called a tittle. 3) According to the Guiness Book of Records, the most stolen book in public […]

A clash of the titans, only opposite. 65 comments

  After being swept by the best team in baseball, the Rangers are now playing the worst team in baseball. That sure helps the outcome of a game. Only one team in the American League has a worse batting average than the Rangers, and that’s the Orioles. The Rangers are […]

Reeling and dealing. 50 comments

  Interesting what the Rangers did recently. To acquire minor league pitcher Jason Bahr, who they feel has a lot of upside, and relief pitcher Cory Gerrin, the Rangers took on the salary of Austin Jackson. The Giants are in a pennant chase and were looking to unload salary to […]