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So far, you would have to classify this road trip as successful.  One win out of three games might not seem much to brag about. But it was one win against the Dodgers, which is always cause for celebration. That win broke the Rangers sixteen game road losing streak. The […]


Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. The US Olympic hockey team beating USSR. Kolby Allard beating Trevor Bauer.  In Hollywood’s backyard, the most Hollywood of outcomes happened. Allard beat the reigning Cy Young winner. The Rangers beat the reigning World Champs. The Rangers broke a sixteen-game road losing streak. The Rangers […]


The odds were pretty good it was going to happen in one of the innings in this three-game series. It happened in the sixth. The Rangers scored their run.  Isiah Kiner-Falefa led off with a double. With one out, the Dodgers errored him over to third. Then, the Dodgers fielder’s […]

One sided.

On paper, this looks like such a lopsided three-game series, if it was a boxing match they would call it on account of the mercy rule. The Dodgers, reigning world champions, pretty much unanimous pick for being the best team in baseball, play the Rangers, one of the three worst […]

Rangers win World Series…

Rangers win World Series reunion Game 2 between the 2010 combatants San Francisco and Texas. Only now, this is a meaningless game in a season with 100 more meaningless games to go. But afterward, the Rangers treated it as if they won the World Series. You never forget your first […]


Once again, the Rangers are like the game Whack-A-Mole carnival game. You knock out one mole, another one pops up elsewhere. You keep trying to get all the moles but you can’t.   That’s the problem when a team is going this bad. When they score runs, the rotation caves. When […]

Ships passing.

They met in the 2010 World Series. But since then, they have had varying degrees of success. The Rangers went to one more World Series, in 2011. They lost. The Giants won that one in 2010, then two more, in 2012 and 2014. The Giants lost a Division Series in […]

The opposite of feasting.

The headline on texasrangers.com read “Rangers feasting on home cooking” after beating the Rays 5-4 in the first game of their series against Tampa Bay. Two doubles. One triple One home run. That was the extra-base power the Rangers “feasted” on in the just completed three-game series against the American […]


A couple days ago, after their thirteenth consecutive road loss, Rangers manager Chris Woodward called a team meeting. Managers try not to overdo those sorts of things. You can lose your team very quickly with too many meetings.  But he felt it was time. He could sense the frustration in […]


They say when you go to a ballgame, you will see something you’ve never seen before. That occurred last night in Arlington. The Rangers ended up after the ninth inning with more runs scored than their opponent. Yes, you read that right. More runs than their opponent. Had that ever […]