Dodgers win Game 5, 4-2.   Recently updated !

He’s won 175 games.  He’s won three Cy Young awards. He’s won five ERA titles.  But it was his second World Series win this year that might have been his most important accomplishment.   The guy who has been beaten down in the media for his post-season failures has earned a large […]

Rays win wild Game 4, 8-7.

What. A. Game. Unless you are a Dodgers fan, last night’s Game 4 was one of the best baseball games you’ve ever seen. And Rangers fans can sympathize with Dodgers fans when it comes to losing “one of the best games ever.” But from a purely product standpoint, Major League […]

Dodgers win Game 3, 6-2.

Okay so Charlie Morton proved he was human. He gave up five runs in his four innings. And Walker Buehler proved, once again, how wrong I usually am. This is why they play these games. Morton had been a dead-lock winner in the post season. Buehler has been a Ranger. […]

World Series returns.

After a long arduous day of travel, with the Dodgers making the trip across the diamond to the visitor’s dugout and the Rays making the pilgrimage all the way to the home dugout, the World Series resumes today. The edge in Game 3 goes to the Rays. They have Charlie […]

Rays win Game 2, 6-4.

This just in. The Tampa Bay Rays found some offense. More specifically, the heart and soul of their offense finally broke out of a playoffs-long slump and hit two home runs in Game 2. Brandon Lowe, rhymes with how, came into the World Series batting .107 for the post-season and […]

Dodgers win Game 1, 8-3.

The Dodgers are good. That’s really not a surprise. They’ve won the National League West eight years in a row. They’ve won the National League pennant three out of the past four seasons. Then they went and added Mookie Betts. That’s like if the old Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig-era […]

It’s World Series time.

There’s no better time of the year than the World Series. This year is no different. But with it comes the sadness that this shortened season is about to be over.  All we can do is hope it goes seven games. Because every game it goes is one day longer […]

Braves run out of luck.

Apparently they don’t teach baserunning anymore.  Atlanta ran itself out of a trip to the World Series with the kind of boneheaded baserunning that has been prevalent the last few years in the major leagues.  After scoring the go-ahead run in the top of the fourth, and with runners at […]

Rays win Game 7 despite themselves.

Okay, maybe there’s a reason the Tampa Bay Rays had the best record in the American League this year. Maybe they know what they are doing. Even though pulling a starting pitcher after just sixty-six pitches who was throwing one of the most dominating post-season starts imaginable is foolish. But […]

Let’s hear it for old school.

As much as everyone in America and every other civilized baseball country hates them, Houston is one game away from going back to the World Series for the third time in four years. Game 7 today is merely filling out the paperwork. This American League Championship Series is Old School […]