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“There’s some learning that’s happening. It’s just slower to translate to the field.” “The next step is learning how to not miss that pitch.” “These are moments we have to learn from. We’re not going to play too many winning games if we continue to make those mistakes.” “We have […]

Who’s next?

Watching all the highlights surrounding last night’s induction ceremony of Josh Hamilton into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, and seeing where the team was then as opposed to where it is now, was like looking at your high school yearbook picture and wondering where did that person go? You […]

Number 32.

He wasn’t the best player in Rangers history. But he was the most important. He was the engine that powered the best and shiniest model the Rangers have ever rolled off the assembly line. In 2010 and 2011, the Rangers ascended as high as this franchise had ever climbed. And […]

Stupid baseball.

Circle last night’s game. It was the worst game of the season. On a day the Rangers offense finally came alive with thirteen hits and six runs, their pitching fell apart, their defense fell apart, and their baserunning fell apart.  It was a sloppy, embarrassing game highlighted by three runners […]

The real deal?

Cross your fingers. Kolby Allard looks like he might stick for a while.  The 22-year-old lefty wasn’t drafted or developed by the Rangers so there is real possibility here of him being the real deal. All he did yesterday was hold this rejuvenated Toronto Blue Jays offense to three runs […]

It could be worse.

Fourteen runs in eight games. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, it can. In fact, it has. Ten years ago, to be exact. In a five-game span the week of September 13, 2009, the Rangers scored a total of one run.  They lost to Seattle 5-0 that Sunday the […]

The comeback that fell just short.

Eighteen years ago, the Cleveland Indians authored the greatest comeback in major league history.  They were down 14-2 after the fifth, and it stayed that way going into the bottom of the seventh, when they picked up three seemingly meaningless runs off Aaron Sele, who had formerly been a Texas […]

The Rangers have an ace.

Two 1-0 shutouts in a row. Mike Minor could have been in a Yankees uniform doing that. He could have been doing that for the Braves. Or the Brewers. Or any one of the handful of teams desperately looking for pitching but apparently not hard enough to make a legitimate […]

A swing and a miss.

One of the main reasons the Ranger had such a surprising run earlier this season was their uncanny ability to hit with runners in scoring position.  One this road trip, where the Rangers are 1-4 so far, they are 0-for-18 in that situation. The problem stems from an age-old nemesis. […]

Let the kids play.

MLB has a marketing campaign entitled, “Let the kids play.” The Rangers are taking that to heart. A twenty-one-year-old pitcher started it for the Rangers last night. A twenty-one-year-old pitcher finished it for the Rangers last night. Kolby Allard’s Rangers debut was encouraging. Short, but encouraging. Heading into the fifth […]