Whole Latta love. 51 comments

Everybody’s favorite player, Hunter Pence,  had a plan. After twelve pretty successful big league seasons, he felt he needed to rebuild his swing. So he went to the guy credited with turning Justin Turner into the hitter he is. That is quite a resumé. His name is Doug Latta. He’s […]

The Chris Woodward era officially begins. 22 comments

Today is the first full-squad workout day of the first season of Chris Woodward’s first managerial opportunity. If nothing else, that alone brings a sense of optimism to Rangers camp. A new approach, a new philosophy, a new voice. Four years ago, Jeff Banister was in the same situation, getting […]

Better late than never. 37 comments

  He’s 35. That’s the age most catchers are winding down. Or breaking down. Or being sent down, and just trying to hang on for a little more glory. But at the unripe age of 35, Jeff Mathis is, for the first time in his career, going to be asked […]

The fight for the fourth outfielder. 48 comments

Spring training is in full swing and this year, like most years, it’s really all about filling two or three open positions. The fourth outfielder will be the most fun to watch. It should come down to a competition between Hunter Pence and Willie Calhoun. Pence’s production has been in […]

Top ten relievers. 33 comments

The role of the bullpen is evolving. Some managers are using their relievers to actually start now, calling them openers. Some managers are not saving their most dominating reliever for the ninth inning, when the game might not be on the line, instead bringing them into the game when it’s […]

Top ten right fielders. 20 comments

Before last season, sabermetrics guru Bill James predicted on Twitter that Nomar Mazara, who was coming off a 100-RBI season, would finish in the top five of MVP voting. In his tweet, James asked whether his readers agreed with that prediction.  Thirty percent agreed. Seventy percent disagreed. After a number […]

Top ten centerfielders. 14 comments

Perhaps nowhere has the talent drain from the World Series years been more evident for the Rangers than center field. In the metaphorical opposite of going from zero to 60, the Rangers went from Josh Hamilton to Leonys Martin. It was immediately apparent that that wasn’t going to work. Three seasons […]

Top ten left fielders. 47 comments

Left field has been a wasteland for the Rangers for the last few seasons. It got so desperate, they threw Mike Napoli out there, disproving the long held belief that left field is so easy, anyone can play it. Joey Gallo seems to have the position now, by default. Willie […]

Top ten shortstops. 21 comments

When you start compiling a list of the best shortstops heading into the 2019 season, you realize one thing: there are a lot of great shortstops in the game right now. It used to be shortstop was a totally defensive position. All glove, no stick. If you got any offense […]

Top ten third basemen. 10 comments

This is where the Rangers used to be a lock. But with the retirement of Adrian Beltre, the Rangers have chosen to plug in a competent if not spectacular replacement in Asdrubal Cabrera, and have invited Matt Davidson to camp as well. This is where Manny Machado would be but […]