The difference. 18 comments   Recently updated !

  It’s been nearly two years since the Rangers have been three games over .500. The last time was May 19, 2017. Texas had just won its tenth game in a row. To pull itself out of a 13-20 tailspin. Of course, they then proceeded to lose twelve of the […]

Another game to remember. 183 comments

  The Rangers are honoring the final year of the Ballpark in the most appropriate way possible. They’re creating unforgettable moments almost on a nightly basis.They’re playing must-watch baseball. They’re playing well there. From dramatic comebacks to steals of home to suicide squeezes to last night’s instant classic, Mike Minor’s complete […]

Mythical. 151 comments

  I’ve seen Sasquatch riding a unicorn. I’ve seen a Leprechaun fly through a double rainbow on a golden Pegasus. I’ve seen the Loch Ness monster take a selfie with Elvis Presley. But last night I witnessed something rare. Halley’s Comet on the second moon of the month rare. Joey […]

Unlikely. 264 comments

  Two triples. A steal of home. A sacrifice squeeze. To score the go-ahead run. With two outs. A comeback from five down. A lot of things we might not see all season we saw in one wonderful, thrilling, unlikely, amazing game. If only they played every game in Arlington. […]

Nothing to see. 191 comments

  Wet, cold, nasty, dreary, washed away. No, that’s not the forecast for the Rangers 2019 season. It was just last night’s weather in Arlington and it rained out the Texas Rangers game against the Oakland Athletics. It would have been the Texas debut of second baseman Danny Santana, who […]

Steps. 65 comments

  Looking at the positives, Drew Smyly pitched his best game of the year. The Rangers offense continued to click at home. And Khris Davis hit only one home run. Steps forward. Other than that one thing—the Rangers blowing a 6-1 lead thing—it was a good game By the final […]

The case against tanking. 324 comments

It’s easy, as a fan, to agree with what happened this offseason in the industry of baseball and how for the second year in a row free agency came to a crawl. It’s easy, as a fan, to side with teams for being smarter in how they dole out their […]

What this team needed. 89 comments

  What this team needs: Delino DeShields playing like the promise of Delino DeShields. What this team doesn’t need: Jose Leclerc playing like the ghost of Tanner Scheppers. Both extremes were on display last night. Luckily the DeShields overshadowed the Leclerc and the Rangers were able to split the two-game […]

When the plan doesn’t go as planned. 197 comments

  The plan has always worked in the past. No reason to think it wouldn’t work again. Jose Leclerc has been lights out as a closer. So far, this season, he’d thrown 4.1 scoreless innings. He had converted both save attempts (even earning a win in between), and his last […]

The future is always bright. 196 comments

“Other teams might kick themselves for trading away their top pitching prospects only to see them succeed, to varying degrees, elsewhere. Yet the Rangers have one of the deepest pitching systems in the game. In fact, of their top 10 prospects, per Baseball America, they feature seven pitchers, three of […]