Dunning doing it.   Recently updated !

One thing is coming clear. Dane Dunning can pitch. In a year of trials and tribulations and seeing who can play major league baseball and who can’t, Dunning is proving he deserves a spot of his own in the Rangers rotation. He doesn’t need piggybacking, thank you. Of course, he […]

Numbers don’t lie.   Recently updated !

There’s an old saying that players end up performing to the back of their baseball cards. Numbers don’t lie. They might fib from time to time, but they don’t lie. A .220 hitter is a .220 hitter whether he’s hitting .350 right now or .100.  Before last night, Mike Foltynewicz […]


After being denied of his first major league home run by less than a half an inch two different times yesterday, Adolis Garcia decided he wasn’t going to let a ruler dictate his fate. He blasted a two-run homer that was about ten feet over the same railing that robbed […]


They call baseball a game of inches. You don’t need to tell that to Adolis Garcia. With two on in the seventh inning, he hit a ball that looked like it cleared the yellow railing in Tropicana Field for his first major league home run. But, it turns out, he […]

It’s more fun when they hit.

Here’s a simple quiz. Is baseball a) more fun or b) less fun when your favorite team hits?  Answer: A. It’s amazing how offense cures everything. Even when the Rangers lost two out of the first three, it was okay because they were hitting. The world wasn’t coming to an […]

Offense AWOL.

That’s three games out of the past four that the Rangers have been shut out. Last year’s nemesis is back. Striking out. The Rangers struck out seventeen times last night. That’s nearly six full innings of nothing. Six full innings of not even being competitive. The shame of it is, […]

Rangers offense gets AARP card.

The Rangers offense is like a retirement community in Florida. They dine at the early bird special, then head home to retire early to bed. From innings one through three, the Rangers are batting .304. After that, a deep sleep. From innings four through nine, the offense drops off the […]

More no-hitter talk.

Still riding the no-hitter fever from Friday night (and trying to ignore last night’s performance), there was a lot of discussion on MLB Radio yesterday about a one-pitcher no-hitter versus a combined staff no-hitter.  The way I see it, the only no-hitter that’s legitimate is the one-pitcher no-hitter. A combined […]

Joe Musgrove no-hits the Rangers.

The Rangers were no-hit last night. It was wonderful.  Nobody wants to be no-hit. No fan wants to see their team no-hit. It’s embarrassing. But sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other guy and say, wow. And last night, Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove was nearly perfect, […]

Padres back again.

The last time the Padres were here to play the Rangers, Chris Woodward worked himself into a lather over Fernando Tatis Jr swinging at a 3-0 pitch. With his team already leading 10-3. And hitting it for a grand slam. Something about unwritten rules. The Padres responded by hitting another […]