Looking for other things. 1 comment

  At this point it’s not about wins or loses. From here on out it’s about player development and retooling the roster. According to Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News, the Rangers have told other clubs they are “open to anything” in terms of listening to trade offers. Ken Rosenthal […]

Evaluation at the quarter mark. 224 comments

  The traditional benchmark for evaluating on your team is to wait until you are a quarter of the way into the season. The Rangers are slightly past that, having played forty-eight games. And the honest evaluation is, this team sucks. There is no other, more gentler way to put it. […]

Not enough of everything. 89 comments

  The worst team in the American League has won two out of three against the Rangers. That does not bode well for this current Texas team. What they are hoping does bode well is the arm of 22-year-old right hander Ariel Jurado. In a system devoid of much real […]

There’s that missing offense. 102 comments

  Texas has been struggling with bases loaded this year. They seemed to take care of that last night. First, in the first when Jurickson Profar singled in two.  That was only the third time all season the Rangers had gotten a hit with bases loaded. And all were singles. […]

Another one got away. 235 comments

  A lot of bad happened last night. Bad defense. Bad luck. Bad relief pitching. Bad offense. Bad decision-making. And the Rangers ended up where they end up over sixty percent of the time. In the loss column. You can manage baseball by the numbers all you want, but the […]

Free runs. 218 comments

  Yesterday, the Rangers discovered what it’s like to play the Rangers. They discovered what it’s like to play a team that doles out runs like a drunk philanthropist. Coming into this series, the Seattle Mariners had given up just one unearned run. In the ninth inning yesterday, all four […]

Mann up. 111 comments

  Last year it was Austin Bibens-Dirkx. In 2016, it was Matt Bush. In 2014, it was Guilder Rodriguez. The Rangers are masters at writing Cinderella Stories. The latest is Brandon Mann. He made his major league debut Sunday. And made his second appearance in yesterday’s extra-inning loss to Seattle, […]

Evolution of baseball. 239 comments

There’s been a lot of talk about how much baseball is changing the last few years. Defensive shifts. Players swinging for the fences on every swing. A game of strikeouts or home runs. Starters only allowed to go six innings. The front offices calling the shots. Managers being just puppets. […]

The new Mark Clark. 50 comments

  Mark Clark started fifteen games for the Rangers in 1999. He came over from the Cubs where, two years before, in an injury-shortened season, he posted a really nice 2.86 ERA. But that was then. This was two years after then. That year, in 1999, Clark registered an ungodly […]

The bottom of the lineup. 114 comments

  When you score just one run a game, you aren’t going to win too many.  The Rangers won just two 1-0 games in 2017. But that’s the inevitable outcome of one of the weaker offenses in baseball facing what is shaping up to be the best pitching staff in […]