Texas Rangers

He’s back.

Max Scherzer’s first start of the season couldn’t have gone any better. Five innings. No runs. One hit. No walks. Four strikeouts. He got a W in his first start, the Rangers won 4-0, and they’ve now won four games in a row, tying their longest winning streak of the […]

A welcome trend.

Friday night, in the fifth inning, the Rangers had bases loaded. That in itself wasn’t unusual. Marcus Semien, though, did something that was highly unusual. He doubled. And for only the second time—the second time—in 2024, the Texas Rangers got an extra-base hit with the bases loaded. That’s seventy-five games […]


Remember when the All-Star game used to be a game? When many of the starters played all nine innings? Because they wanted to win? Because they had pride? Then they made it into an event. A TV show. Network programming. Players used to wear their team uniforms, and it was […]

Big difference.

What a difference a year makes. Last season at this time, the Rangers were on the verge of sending six players to the All-Star Game. Five of them were named to start the game—Semien, Seager, Jung, Garcia, and Heim—along with Eovaldi. This season? Well, there certainly won’t be a Ranger […]

Taveras? Really?

Wait, what just happened? Not only did the Rangers win to snap a five-game losing streak, they did a few things they have done only a precious few times this season.  They came from behind. They scored runs after the sixth inning. And they got a productive at-bat from Leody […]

Gut punch.

The night after the Mavericks season ended, the Rangers season ended. It was a sad, somber affair. The Rangers offense finally came alive, piling up an unheard of six runs in the first five innings, taking a 6-2 lead. But, in a season where nothing goes right, nothing went right. […]

The ugly question.

Fourteen runs. Twenty-two hits.  That’s a week’s worth of offense for the Rangers. They gave it up to the Mets in just nine innings. And all of the sudden, the unthinkable is happening. All season long, the offense has been missing but the starting pitching has carried the team.  Rangers […]

Not good enough.

The most deflating “victories” are the moral victories, like when the Rangers announcers were trying to find rays of hope in yet another Rangers anemic loss, they pointed out: “The Rangers almost pulled it out in the ninth.” “Well, they did have the go-ahead run on base.” “The offense proved […]

Offense not competitive.

Until the Rangers trade for a hitter, and until Josh Jung returns, this is the fate of the Rangers. A team that cannot hit consistently enough to win. Once again, the rotation gave them a chance to win it. Heaney allowed just three runs. The Rangers offense just isn’t good […]


Last night’s 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers may have been the most satisfying victory of the season for the Rangers.  After being thrashed 15-2 in the series opener on Tuesday, Texas pulled off a cliffhanger 3-2 win with the tying run thrown out at home to end the […]