Texas Rangers

Rangers bring in experience.

Experience counts. That seems to be the difference between the new Chris Young regime and the old Jon Daniels regime. Young’s first major hire since taking over for the fired Jon Daniels was a manager. Unlike Daniels who gravitated to inexperience, first-time managers with all three he hired—Ron Washington, Jeff […]

Perez returning.

Martin Perez is coming back. He agreed to the qualifying offer the Rangers extended to him, meaning he will make $19.65 million in 2023.  It’s a one-year deal, which isn’t the multi-year deal most players seek. But it’s $19.65 million. He wasn’t going to get that per year in a […]

Offseason dates of note.

Now that the season is over, Rangers fans have the most important, and certainly most interesting, offseason to look forward to.  Gone is Jon Daniels and his inability to build a competitive roster. Rangers management surveyed their situation and came to the conclusion that he was not the person to […]


In the end, the Astros were just too deep. Philadelphia slowed them down on their march to the World Series. But Houston was just too good. Houston used a grave error by Philadephia rookie manager Rob Thompson to remove his dominating starter because he showed the littlest sign of being […]

Phillies staring down impossible.

Just by being in the World Series, Philadelphia proved it can do impossible. They beat the Braves in the first round when absolutely nobody gave them a chance to do that. They beat the Padres in the second round when absolutely nobody gave them a chance to do that. And […]

The catch.

Defense. Even though former GM Jon Daniels was clueless when it came to pitching, and lost when it came to offense, he absolutely had no idea what defense was. Which is why he is watching the World Series with his resumé in hand. Defense crushes rallies. Defense breaks hearts. Defense […]

Phillies go hitless.

For the third time in post-season history, a no-hitter has been thrown.  It was a historic day that will be watered down by the peculiarities of modern managing. History will now remember Don Larson, Roy Halliday, and a bunch of Astros pitchers. No-hitting a team in the World Series is […]

Phils slug their way to Game 3 win.

Well, that was a nice way to treat the home fans. Five home runs. The Phillies kept alive their post-season home unbeaten streak with a 7-0 shutout of the Astros. It’s easy to gush over the five home runs. But just as impressive is shutting out the Astros powerful offense, […]

Rain pushes everything back.

The lockout pushed the World Series into November. The rainout pushes it one day further. Rain postponed Monday night’s Game 3 until tonight. Everything moves back a day now. Game 4 is Wednesday night, Game 5 is Thursday night, both in Philadelphia. Then the travel day is Friday. And Games […]

Game 3 moves to Philadelphia.

The World Series moves to Philadelphia for Games 3, 4, and 5. One thing is certain. The home crowd will be loud. After all, they have yet to see their hometown team lose in the post-season.  They swept the Cardinals in the first-round, best-of-three series, but those two games were […]