Texas Rangers

Rangers lose early.

The Rangers aren’t even being dramatic about it. There’s no surprise. Their games are over early. Friday, they gave up four runs in the first. Yesterday, four in the second. They lost both games before the crowd really had time to settle in. Two things are obvious. The Baltimore Orioles […]

Twelve games.

The Race to the Trade Deadline did not start well. The Rangers are racing to relevance. Do they have a team that can make the playoffs or don’t they? They started the second half like they had so many times in the first half. No offense. It didn’t help that […]

Thirteen games.

The official second half starts tomorrow. The Rangers have sixty-six games remaining on their schedule. But, really, the only games that matter are the next thirteen. Because the trade deadline is July 30. Texas plays thirteen games between now and then, and how they perform in those thirteen will determine […]

Americans 5, Nationals 3.

Guys in garish uniforms that said “American League” on them defeated guys in garish uniforms that said “National Legue” on them 5-3. Shoehei Ohtani did what he does best, he excelled with a three-run homer for the Nationals. The Americans got a 103.8 miles-per-hour pitch from soon-to-not-be Oakland’s soon to […]

All-Star Lineups.

What a difference a year makes. The Rangers went from having five starters elected to the All-Star Game to having zero. Then, Jose Altuve got injured (he sure seemed fine the last three games against the Rangers) and Marcus Semien took his place. So, they have one now. Semien was […]

Where things stand.

Even though it’s way past the 81-game mark, the first half of the season is over. The Rangers ended it on a high note, winning seven of their last nine. What looked like a disastrous season is suddenly looking like a confusing season.  What are these Rangers? Are they good […]

Still hanging on.

After losing to Houston on Friday, the Rangers had to win yesterday. They had to. A loss would have been a dagger. It would have been two-thirds of the way to being swept. A sweep would have unofficially but realistically ended their playoff chances. But that didn’t happen. What did […]

Your chance to see no-bodies.

All-Star Weekend is everything wrong with the All-Star Game. Like everything in America, if there’s way to overdo it, overthink it, overmarket it, overproduce it, that will happen. If the clown hats and clown jerseys they sell aren’t bad enough, the entire All-Star break has turned into an experience that […]

It’s do or die time.

Are they buyers or sellers? That’s what seems to be on the minds of Rangers media and fans. Is this team for real or for sale? As the trade deadline nears, which is eighteen days away on July 30, it’s hard to tell if this team is in it or […]

The Rookie.

Daniel Robert had waited a long time for this moment. He’s twenty-nine. Two years ago, he was still toiling away in High-A, surrounded by teenagers and guys in their early twenties, chasing their dreams.  A twenty-seven-year-old in High-A is usually chasing delusions. Or he’s the hotdog guy. But Robert never […]