Texas Rangers

The Little Offense that Could.

As a reminder, there are thirteen ways a team can score with bases loaded and fewer than two outs. One, a sacrifice fly. Two, a wild pitch. Three, a passed ball. Four, a fielder’s choice ground out. Five, an error. Six, catcher’s interference. Seven, a hit. Eight, a balk. Nine, […]


For too long, Rangers fans have been hoping this year’s team finds the magic of 2023. Last night it seemed the Rangers harkened back a few years further. They looked an awful lot like the 2021 Texas Rangers that lost 102 games. The offense has been non-existent for most of […]

Final four.

The Rangers are still paying the price for the Jon Daniels era. It’s going to take Chris Young a while to populate a farm system that was left unable to produce sustainable pitching vegetation. Yesterday, they sent Jack Leiter back down to the minor leagues after his third unacceptable start […]


It comes down to math. Q: If the Rangers starting pitcher allows 16.4 runs per nine innings, and the Rangers are scoring .5 runs per nine innings, how many innings will it take to score enough runs to overcome their starting pitcher? A: There aren’t enough innings in a game. […]


A friend had tickets to last night’s Rangers game but had to give them up because he had to go to his kid’s school’s spring concert.  Having had five children go through the school system and  having had to attend more spring concerts than any one human should every be forced […]

Find a bat.

The Rangers have six starters on the I.L. The Rangers desperately need to make a trade.  But it’s not for a starter or a reliever. The Rangers desperately need a bat.  Texas has now reached the quarter mark of the season and they are in the weird position of having […]

Rangers give one away.

Sometimes, maybe, you lose a game to win a few more.  The Rangers went into Denver to play the horrible Colorado Rockies, a team everybody is beating often, and lost the first game of a three-game series 4-2. Bruce Bochy’s starting lineup didn’t include Josh Smith or Evan Carter or […]

How the Rangers are doing it.

Yesterday, on another site (yes, surprisingly, there is another Rangers site but you don’t want to go there), someone asked how it was possible that a team that has six starters on the I.L. and seems to go into prolonged offensive funks is in first place. At first blush, you’d […]

It’s never easy.

Nobody ever promised being a Rangers fan was going to be easy. They won the World Series last year but didn’t make it into the playoffs until the last day of the season, then had to pretty much do the impossible and win games on the road. Yesterday was a […]

Much-needed offense.

Is it safe to say the Rangers are out of their slump? They have scored fifteen runs in two of their last four games. That’s a ton of offense. Yesterday’s onslaught started with the very first pitch of the game, a Marcus Semien home run. By the time the second […]