Texas Rangers

Been there, done that.   Recently updated !

Rangers fans have seen this before. In fact, eight times before.  Since the Rangers finally reached .500 on May 31st, only to then immediately lose seven of its next nine games, they had crawled back to within two games of .500 eight times before last night. They lost all eight […]

Same old problem.

Coming into this season, starting pitching was supposed to be this team’s weakness. It was so bad, the Rangers signed Martin Perez to fill one of the slots. They had him penciled in as their number five starter. How bad was the rotation going to be? They signed Jon Gray […]

Mr Clutch.

That’s what Adolis Garcia does. He has a knack for hitting a home run when his team really needs it. His first home run of the season came on opening day. It tied the game 8-8.   His second home run was a two-run shot against the Angels. It tied the […]

No support.

Two on. Ninth inning. One out. Down by one run. Who do you want up? The top of your lineup. Presumably your two best hitters. The two guys you lavished with long-term, hundred-million-dollar contracts. Marcus Semiem pops up mildly on an 0-2 pitch. Not advancing a runner. Corey Seager lines […]

Rangers team leaders.

This is one of those rare weeks when the Rangers had two off-days. The good thing about that is, it allows them to skip their fifth man in the rotation.  Off-days also give the staff at RR3 time to check the Rangers stats and leader boards. After 68 games, the […]


It’s funny how this sport, and every other major league sport, has done a 180 on its opinion or and support for gambling. Ever since the Black Sox scandal of 1919, gambling has been a taboo subject in Major League Baseball, and rightfully so. The integrity of the game is […]

Martin again.

It was a dream, right?  It wasn’t real, right? Martin Perez’s career had always been punctuated by stretches of brilliance wrapped around far too many longer stretches of frustration. So, this stretch of brilliance we were seeing from Perez earlier on wasn’t sustainable, right? It was just Martin being Martin […]

All-Star worthy.

The All-Star Game is four weeks away. Of course, the Rangers are bombarding fans with calls to elect as many Rangers as possible. Teams do that every year. “Send as many Rangers to the All-Star Game as you can.” That’s such an annoying practice. The All-Star Game is supposed to […]

Taylor not measuring up.

One of the frustrations with being a fan is when you root for a player to succeed and he simply doesn’t. Remember Ronald Guzman? Or Nomar Mazara? Or Ryan Rua? Mike Olt, Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson. The list is seemingly endless. Add Taylor Hearn to that list. He’s a local […]