Dear Jon letter.

Dear Mr. Daniels: Here are ten reasons not to trade Joey Gallo. 1: He is your only drafting success story in your sixteen years as the Rangers general manager. Keep him around for that reason alone.  2: Of the position players, he is the only bona fide major leaguer on […]

Sort of like real baseball.

Once I was in the park and saw a man feeding bread to the ducks. After he left, most of the ducks left as well to find someone else to feed them. Next to a tree two wounded ducks remained to fight over one last moldy piece of bread. It […]

Worst ever of all time.

The Rangers had a lead. Or did they? Is a lead if you go ahead at any point? Or does a lead only count at the end of an inning? Two different sources have two different answers to that questions. Elias Sports says a lead at any time is a […]

Garcia’s disappearing act.

For the ninety-seventh time in ninety-nine games, the Rangers were not no-hit. But they almost were, not getting their first hit until the eighth inning.  It’s a historic freefall. This team has not had a lead in 95 innings. The major league record is 98. They have now lost eleven games […]

The Curtis Terry era is here.

Nick Solak found out the hard way if you don’t perform at the major league level (and you don’t have a long-term contract that included horses), you don’t keep your major league job. In a surprise move, he was optioned to Triple-A yesterday to make room for Curtis Terry. Rangers […]


Looking for positives in a nine-game losing streak is like looking for common sense in Washington. It’s rare. But Andy Ibañez is the offensive star of the second half, the only Ranger at all worthy of bringing a bat up to the plate with him. After yesterday’s 3-for-4 performance, including […]

Things at stake.

“This is critical for us. Especially for me as a manager. There are things that are at stake here.” Commenting on his team’s recent woes, Rangers manager Chris Woodward sounded like a man whose job is on the line. It might very well be. But through no fault of his […]


This is what ten years of deforesting a major league roster looks like.  This is what stacking rotations with Mike Foltynewicz and Jordan Lyles and Shelby Miller and Drew Smyly and Bartolo Colon and Yovani Gallardo and Doug Fister and Matt Moore and Tyson Ross and Scott Baker and Kyle […]


My mother always said, “If you can’t think of anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Good advice for now. *****TODAY’S GAME:


There’s a new F-word. It’s as distasteful and vulgar as the other F-word. And it pitches for the Texas Rangers. When Mike Foltynewicz pitches, four-letter words follow. Many of them. Because home runs follow, too. Many of them. After gifting the Blue Jays with four home runs yesterday, Foltynewicz has now given […]