The legend of Grant Anderson.   Recently updated !

Santa Claus. Mermaids. Unicorns. Griffins. Chupacabras. Centaurs. Leprechauns. Elfs. And the most mystical creature of all: the dominating Rangers relief pitcher. He appeared in Detroit last night. Out of nowhere. Legend has it he arose from a farm somewhere in Frisco. Had Rangers fans not seen it with their own […]

Baby steps for Hernandez.   Recently updated !

Has the corner been turned? Can we come out from under the covers? Can we take the hand away from our eyes? Jonathan Hernandez has now had three relief appearances in a row without giving up a run. It’s not yet time to etch the 2023 Cy Young award trophy […]


Same input. Same output. Insert Rangers reliever. Remove Rangers chances of victory. Until something changes, nothing will change.  ***** HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO EVERYONE IN RR3 NATION. AND TO EVERYONE WHO SERVED, YOU HAVE OUR GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION.

Bradford gets a second start.

After being thrown to the wolves against Atlanta two weeks ago to give the entire Rangers rotation one more day of rest, Cody Bradford is making his second start. This time it’s because Dane Dunning is on paternity leave.  Maybe the headlights won’t be as blinding to the dear this […]

Taveras silencing the doubters.

Guilty. Guilty of doubting Leody Taveras. Guilty of thinking he would never be able to hit major league pitching. Guilty of chalking him up as yet another Jon Daniels talent development failure. Forgotten in much of this was the fact that Taveras is now only twenty-four.  He was just twenty […]

A tale of two cities.

The Rangers go to Baltimore for three games. Texas is in first. Baltimore is in second. Wait. Texas first? Baltimore second? Is this some sort of bizarro world, opposite universe dream? Aren’t these two throw-in-the-towel teams? Each team’s last six seasons have been almost mirror images of one another. Shop […]

Leclerc “earns” a hold.

And that is how a Rangers game should go this year. Get an early lead, hold into the lead—barely. Hold being the word of note, here. The Hold stat is one of the most worthless stats in baseball. It started as a way to give middle relievers a little love […]

Going nine.

Maybe this is all part of a plan. Maybe Bruce Bochy is so old school, he is determined to bring back the complete game. After all, he played in an era when a starter was expected to go nine innings. And their arms didn’t fall off. Then closers came in. […]

About sinkholes.

A sinkhole is a depression in the ground that has no natural external surface drainage, caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. The term is sometimes referred to as sborzing, which are gapingly large, enclosed depressions, locally also known as rangerous bullpenious.  These are regions where the types of rock below […]

The best bullpen is a ten-run lead.

You have to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. And the Rangers beat Colorado like a drum.  They beat them all three games. They beat them by a combined score of 31-10. They racked up 38 hits in three games. They never trailed in a single game for a […]