Clash of the titans.

Here it is. The long-awaited clash of the titans. The two best teams in baseball going head-to-head in a three-game series. Tampa Bay won thirteen games in a row to start the 2023 season. They have never been out of first and have mostly enjoyed a commanding lead in the […]

Evoking Cy Young.

Another entry into the Baseball Makes No Sense category: this team has had sixteen double-digit games, but has also been shutout five times already this season. (Last year, they were shutout only three times all season.) Baseball is so unpredictable. A team that is averaging 6.3 runs per game got […]

That feeling of getting away with something.

Did you ever come home from the grocery store only to find a few items were put into your bag by mistake? Or pull away from the drive-thru and realize they only charged you for about half of what you got? We all like the feeling of free stuff. Of […]

It Ain’t Over.

If you get a chance, go see “It Ain’t Over,” the wonderful new film about the Yogi Berra. He was a happy man who spread joy and positivity wherever he went. Oh, and wherever he went, he won. It’s a documentary, but don’t let that chase you away. It’s not […]

Check engine light.

The Rangers are like teenagers on a joy ride. They’re having too much fun cruising the neighborhood to realize the check engine light is blinking. Those things eventually stop blinking. When the engine overheats. After a 16-run game followed by a 12-run game, it looks like the Rangers are steamrolling […]


The last six years have been full of questions. This year, there are answers to the questions. Question one: With the Rangers five-run seventh inning, yesterday, how many five-run innings have they had this year? A. Seven? B. Nine? C. Twelve? D. Sixteen? E. Twenty-one? The correct answer is…D. Sixteen. […]

Perfect baseball.

Dominating starting pitching. Timely hitting. Smothering relief. The Rangers have had the first two for most of the year. Last night they checked off all three boxes. And it’s a glimpse into exactly how good this team could be. It’s an offense that just keeps plugging away. They were facing […]


Texas is going to have a problem real soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but soon. They are going to get two huge offensive weapons back in Ezequiel Duran and Mitch Garver. (Anyone remember Mitch Garver?) The problem is, they will have a roster logjam. Too many good hitters, not enough […]

Two-month checkup.

The first two months of 2023 are in the books, and the Rangers have the best record they’ve ever had at this point in any season. A couple tweaks to the bullpen and this team has a serious chance to play deep into October. The offense is nothing short of […]

The legend of Grant Anderson.

Santa Claus. Mermaids. Unicorns. Griffins. Chupacabras. Centaurs. Leprechauns. Elfs. And the most mystical creature of all: the dominating Rangers relief pitcher. He appeared in Detroit last night. Out of nowhere. Legend has it he arose from a farm somewhere in Frisco. Had Rangers fans not seen it with their own […]