Number 32.


He wasn’t the best player in Rangers history. But he was the most important. He was the engine that powered the best and shiniest model the Rangers have ever rolled off the assembly line.

In 2010 and 2011, the Rangers ascended as high as this franchise had ever climbed. And it wouldn’t have happened without Josh Hamilton.

Of the pile of All-Stars the Rangers had in those World Series years, Josh Hamilton topped them all.

His MVP season in 2010 was probably the best overall offensive season in Rangers history: .359 AVG, .411 OBP, 1.044 OPS, 32 homers (this was back when homers weren’t cheap), 100 RBIs. 

He took this team places it’s never been before or since. His career was like a bottle rocket. It shone bright across the sky, but not for long. Before you knew it, it fizzled out. But, wow, when it was bright, it was spectacular.

It’s hard to believe he played only nine seasons. Six with the Rangers. 

The Rangers are inducting Hamilton into their Hall of Fame tonight. A deserving honor, for sure. His impact is unforgettable.

Reflecting on the honor, Hamilton said he was born to play ball for the Texas Rangers. Until he grew up and moved out of the house to Los Angeles.  

He had flaws. Horrible flaws. He was a rare combination of superhuman and tragically human. 

But for two glorious seasons, he was the best Texas Rangers fans ever saw. 

Congratulations, Josh. And thanks.



Jose Berrios (10-6, 3.29) vs. Ariel Jurado (6-8, 5.31)

Game time: 7:35