Kevin Sutton

A nice peek into the future.

Last night on MLB TV, they showed the Blue Jays-Rangers game from May 1, 1991. It was Nolan Ryan going for his seventh no-hitter. I watched the game even though the drama of whether he would get it or not was spoiled long ago. Hint: He gets it. (Which reminds […]

The dead zone.

With about five weeks to go before spring training, the Rangers are still looking for that bat. They are still looking for that left fielder. Most of the left fielders that would cost them only money—the free agent kind—are gone. There are a few remaining, though. Trading for a guy […]

Rangers add Eovaldi.

Wow, what a difference an off-season makes. And a new general manager. Last year, after a 102-loss campaign, the Rangers went into the 2022 season with this rotation: Jon Gray, Dane Dunning, Spencer Howard, Taylor Hearn, and Martín Pérez. Yes, Martín Pérez was the fifth starter. Worse, Jon Gray was […]

Rangers offense according to ZIPs.

ZIPs is an annual projection from Fan Graphs. It looks at a team’s moves and comments on its roster makeup. Here’s what they said about the Rangers offense. Batters: The Rangers undergo rebuilding with a refreshing urgency you don’t always see, though that’s hardly surprising since they’re not actually a […]

An RR3 Christmas.

Rangers fans have had it rough the past six years. Longer if you consider this team has not advanced in a playoff series since 2011. But the franchise started giving its fans gifts before Christmas. First, they got rid of their manager. Chris Woodward was a nice guy who was […]

Rangers gamble big on Heaney.

The Rangers weren’t able to convince Clayton Kershaw to leave Los Angeles to come to Arlington. So, they did the next best thing. They plucked Andrew Heaney from the Dodgers. Well, to be fair, the next best pitcher on the Dodgers was not Heaney. He was about sixth best. But, […]

Rangers win the draft lottery.

Maybe the Rangers luck is turning. Maybe the dark cloud over this franchise is slowly lifting. MLB held its first draft lottery yesterday. The Rangers came out way ahead.  To discourage tanking, the players and owners negotiated a draft lottery. Players were tired of teams deliberately losing so they could […]


The Rangers got their man. Two days before the start of the Winter Meetings, which haven’t been held since 2019 due to the pandemic and then the lockout, the Texas Rangers showed the baseball world, and Rangers fans, it was tired of being the eighty-pound weakling and having sand kicked […]