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Did that just happen? Did Marcus Semien really get a hit? Wait, did he really get three hits? Wait, did he really get an extra base hit? Really?             Does Jonah Heim really own Shohei Ohtani? Did he really get three hits off last year’s MVP and face of baseball? Is […]

The Big Inning.

Pitching duels make for dramatic baseball. You’re on pins and needles with every pitch. You’re one leaky fastball away from disaster. One stealthy fastball away from euphoria. That’s heart stopping, nail-biting baseball. That’s drama. But sometimes, don’t you just need a good comedy?  Because baseball is at its most fun […]

Heim and Huff.

There have been times recently where it seems the Rangers can’t score six runs in a week. Yesterday, they did it in one inning. In the bottom of the first. After giving the Angels three runs in the top of the inning. Single. Walk. Single. Double. Sac fly. Error. The […]

Garcia picks up five RBIs.

Adolis Garcia is an RBI machine. He doesn’t hit for average but he hits when he needs to. More accurately, he hits when the Rangers need him to. His five RBIs yesterday give him twenty-three for the season, the most of any Ranger. His ninety RBIs last year led the […]

Chasing Chris Davis.

Any time somebody starts to get remotely close to a record, people begin paying attention. If a pitcher has a no-hitter going in the fifth inning, the broadcasters start to bring it up. puts a red No-Hitter alert banner across the score of that game. If a hitter is […]

Two kinds of hitters.

Looking around the landscape of major league baseball, it’s not fair to say nobody can hit. Yes, this is the lowest average batting average in fifty years. But not everyone is struggling. There are players on other teams that are doing fine. But what’s happening is, MLB has created two […]

Hearn’s best start.

For the first time this season, Taylor Hearn didn’t give up a run. In his previous five starts, he had given up one, two, three, four, and five runs. So, if the pattern were to continue, he would have given up six. Or zero. He went with zero. Five innings, […]

So many questions.

Games like last night’s 8-2 loss to Kansas City lead to questions. Questions like: Q:  How is Eli White the leading hitter on this team? And, what does that say about a team that Eli White is the leading hitter on it? And, how can Eli White be any team’s best […]

Surprise, surprise.

The biggest surprise of the 2022 season isn’t Marcus Semien’s continued struggles. After last night’s 0-for-4, Semien is now hitting .171, with an anemic .461 OPS. Six weeks into the season, he is still lost at the plate.  Here’s a guy who had 45 home runs last year and drove […]

Home not so sweet home.

The Rangers went 3-2 on their just completed road trip. Now, they come back home with a better road record than home record.  After being shut out yesterday in New York, the Rangers are now 7-6 on the road but only 4-9 at home. Last year they had a .444 […]