Kevin Sutton

The night is Jung.

Slowly but surely, Rangers fans are seeing the promise of Josh Jung.  He burst into Rangers’ lore by hitting a home run, at home, in his first major league at-bat. Yes, he strikes out more than you’d want. Even more than he’d want. And, yes, he had a pesky hitless […]

Turning it around.

Just one month again, on Friday, August 26, the Texas Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 7-6. At one point, they had a 7-2 lead in that game but their bullpen and their defense couldn’t let that stand without some monumental struggle. In the end, the Rangers pulled out that game. […]


Talking about the Rangers in 2022 is like a baby playing with that Fisher-Price toy called See N Say. He pulls the string and same five sounds come out of it. Over and over and over and over and over again. Pull the string. The dial spins and lands of […]

“Facing Nolan.”

As another insignificant Rangers season winds down, Netflix dropped a wonderful new documentary on the one man who made the Rangers significant in the first place—Nolan Ryan. It’s called “Facing Nolan” and it’s a one-hour-and-forty-five-minute tribute to one of the few true baseball legends.  If you want to feel good […]

Here’s to Albert.

Babe. Mickey. Willie. Junior. Hank. Albert. You know you are an icon when people know you by one name. Last night, Albert Pujols became Albert. He hit two home runs to reach the magical, unfathomable, historic number 700. Babe and Hank were the only two other players to have ever […]

The joy of winning.

It would be nice if the Rangers owners watched last night’s game. They would have learned a very important lesson. Winning is fun.  Fans like it when your team wins.  It’s easy, and fun sport, to blame the past six seasons on Jon Daniels. And you would be right to […]

Rangers sign veteran Kevin Plawecki.

As the Rangers brace for the final few weeks of their stretch drive to the offseason, they made a significant roster move yesterday, signing veteran catcher Kevin Plawecki to a major league contract. The thirty-one-year-old was recently released by the Red Sox. This moves gives them three catchers on the […]


No outs. Runners at first and second. Three runs had already come across to turn a 2-2 tie into a 5-2 Angels lead. Rangers’ lefty reliever John King was on the mound.  He let a fastball fly. It’s hit sharply to Josh Jung at third. He steps on the bag. […]

The kids are alright.

So far, the Rangers kiddie core is holding its own. That’s a good sign.  Josh Jung andBubba Thompson are getting a real taste of major league pitching, and don’t seem to be overwhelmed.  Third baseman Jung has played in ten games now, accumulating forty plate appearances. He’s hit three home […]

Elimination Day.

With yesterday’s 5-3 loss to Tampa Bay, the Texas Rangers have been officially eliminated from playoff contention. They are now 17 games out of the final wild card spot with 16 games to play. MLB added a third wild card to each league starting this year, giving the Rangers one […]