Kevin Sutton

A familiar pattern.

Well, so much for getting to .500.  The Rangers first got to .500 on April 7 when they won to go 3-3. They proceeded to lose their next four games. They got close again when they were 9-10 after a win on April 21. They proceeded to lose their next […]

Tables turned.

A long long time ago, when the Rangers were good, when they were a playoff team, the Astros were their patsy.  In 2010, they were 5-1 against Houston. In 2011, 4-2. In 2012, 5-1. Then the Astros moved to the American League. And the domination continued. In 2013, Texas was […]

Extra special.

When they announced the special COVID extra innings rule for 2020, with a ghost runner starting at second base, every baseball fan in America scoffed at it. It sounded like the dumbest idea in the world. Turns out, it’s one of the best things to happen to the game. For […]

Not to worry.

At the beginning of the season, you’d have thought this next eleven-game stretch the Rangers have in their schedule would have been their death knell. Four against Houston, four against New York, three more against Houston. But the Astros are no longer a team to be feared. And the Yankees […]


Every year the winter turns the long fronds of our palm tree brown. The tree looks dead. But it’s not. If you look at the very top there are tiny green sprouts poking up. Signs of life. But the only way the tree will survive is to cut off all […]

No luck.

The good luck charm ran out of magic last night. John King had been the rabbit’s foot and four-leaf clover and lucky bottle cap all in one for Rangers manager Chris Woodward. In twelve relief appearances, King had already picked up four wins. Those four Ws, in fact, lead all […]

Back to .500.

The Rangers have the look of a team that won’t lose. That’s different than a team that can’t lose. This is a team that doesn’t want to give up. And that is a far cry from the baseball Rangers fans have seen for most of the past seven years when […]

Rangers claw back in it.

Baseball doesn’t get much more thrilling than last night’s Rangers game. Unless, maybe, for some unknown reason you are a Mariners fan, in which case you are automatically enrolled in the Frequent Losers Club anyway and you’d be used to it. Kohei Arihara had another bad start, his third in […]

Another no-hitter.

Nobody can hit anymore. Offense is down this year. Again. It seems like a yearly thing. Look at the bottom ten batting averages: .204, .206, .207, .215, .219, .223, .225, .226, .226, .226. Which players are these? Sorry, trick question. These are the bottom ten teams. Nobody can hit anymore. […]

Don’t touch that dial.

Assuming you are one of the ten percent of Rangers fans who can actually watch games, don’t turn off the TV. The Rangers now have nine comeback wins. Six of their last eight games the Rangers have scored the go-ahead runs in the sixth inning or later to turn a […]