Kevin Sutton

Astros play small ball.   Recently updated !

As much as you might hate to admit it, the Astros are good. That lineup, top to bottom, is formidable. There are no holes in it. Everyone makes contact. After dropping Game 1, Houston did what all good teams do. They shook it off and came back the next day. […]

Braves take Game 1.

The Braves struck first. In more ways than one. Their offense, which has been rolling along since their general manager rebuilt it at the trade deadline, continued its onslaught. Their very first batter hit a home run. They ended up getting two runs in the first. Three more in the […]

The boys of fall.

The World Series starts tonight in Houston. It should be a great battle between two offensively-minded teams.’s Mike Petriello breaks down the position-by-position advantages. Catcher Houston’s Martin Maldonado verses Atlanta’s Travis d’Arnaud: Advantage: Astros First base Houston’s Yuli Gurriel verses Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman: Advantage: Braves Second base Houston’s Jose Altuve verses […]

How to build a team.

After winning the N.L. East the past three seasons, Atlanta was picked by most baseball experts to win their division again in 2021. Then the season unfolded. At the trade deadline they were treading water, stuck in third place, under .500.  Their young superstar outfielder, Ronald Acuña, Jr., broke his […]

It’s the Astros, Braves.

The TV network wanted Boston versus Los Angeles for the ratings that two of the most rabid fan bases would have provided. Revengists wanted Los Angeles versus Houston so the Dodgers could avenge their loss to the Astros for cheating in 2017. What we are getting is Houston versus Atlanta, […]

Double sixes.

Not having a team in the race, it’s nice to see these playoff series go further. As a fan, more games is better. There will be two Game 6s. The Braves were unable to close out their series in Los Angeles, getting pounded 11-2 thanks to Chris Taylor and his […]

Astros and Braves bounce back.

Even though they got spanked in Games 2 and 3 by the Red Sox—giving up two grand slams in a 9-5 loss then another in a 12-3 loss—the Astros took their beating and just came back the next day. And even though the Braves were shell shocked in Game 3—watching […]

Rangers playing spoiler.

As has been proven year after year, the Rangers philosophy on baseball doesn’t work during the regular season. During the playoffs, it’s a disaster. The Rangers don’t believe in defense. Just stick anyone at any position. The Dodgers are trying that this post-season. Yesterday it was a huge failure. Gavin […]


The Astros have to feel about as shell shocked in this playoff series as the Rangers felt last year when they served up grand slam after grand slam after grand slam to the Padres. After that, the Padres were called Slam Diego. There might not be an obvious cutesy-pie name […]