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Baseball Propectus released its annual Top 101 Prospects list for 2019. Four Rangers made it.

Leody Taveras, outfielder, at 47.
Bubba Thompson, outfielder, at 48.
Juan Pablo Martinez, outfielder, at 78.
Anderson Tejada, shortstop, at 83.

Interestingly, none of the overabundance of pitching the Rangers have been obsessing on acquiring made it.

Putting it into prospective, here is where the Rangers fall within their division:

Houston, 5 prospects: numbers 7, 14, 46, 49, and 80.
Los Angeles, 5: 2, 56, 68, 94, 99.
Oakland, 4: 13, 77, 95, 101.
Texas, 4: 47, 48, 78, 83.
Seattle, 2: 50, 63.

Tampa Bay had the most top-ranked prospects in the American League, with seven, followed by the Chicago White Sox with 6. Toronto had 4 (including number 1). Everyone else in the A. L. had fewer than four.

The future looks bright if you’re a Padres fan or a Braves fan. San Diego has nine players in the top 101, Atlanta has eight. The Braves won their division with a great young team, and appears to be only getting stronger. The Padres are usually always horrible so maybe there is a window of hope for them.

After those two teams, the next-most in the N. L. are the Dodgers, fresh off two consecutive World Series appearances, with four, and the Reds, fresh off five consecutive last-place finishes, also with four.

Only one team didn’t have a single player make the Top 101 Prospects list: Boston.

Proving once again that prospects are cool, but championships are cooler.

Prospects fade. Flags are forever.

  • calntom

    Overall in the top ten prospects, one is a pitcher. In the top twenty prospects, there are three pitchers total.

    Perhaps pitching is a bit harder to come by and in high demand. It would be a good idea to keep drafting and trading for pitching.

    I saw that the Rangers have added more development and office staff.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Interesting tidbit….Astros employ the least amt of scouts in MLB, relying more on video. I have always maintained that our developmental staff is weak and maybe what you said is a good sign.

  • Tony Howell

    The Rangers payroll looks to ube around 112 million this yr down from 163 mill in 2017. That’s 50 million dollars less, I believe they have thrown away at least 15 mil on players this year that are unless. For my money would I have made these offers, Keuchel 5 years 20 mil ea, Geo Gonzalez 3 years at 25 million total, Adam Jones 3 years 10 million ea, Mike Moustakas 5 years 60 million total. I do like Lynn and Smilly in the rotation. IMO if the rangers would go with the same payroll they did two years ago this is a wildcard team. The crazy thing these players are still available. JD still not to late to make a lot of fans happy. By doing something like this you can still build for the future.

  • elkaba

    It would be fascinating to see a CBA on acquiring talent by various means, drafting vs. development vs. hiring proven talent. I’m sure there are people doing this kind of work all over the league, but it would be proprietary and not publicly available data.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Develop and draft pitching….Buy the bats!

  • possumrld

    “Only one team didn’t have a single player make the Top 101 Prospects list: Boston.
    Proving once again that prospects are cool, but championships are cooler.”
    Lol, Kev! Those were the lines that made me laugh! And true, prospects are great! They do give teams who own them some trading leverage. And sometimes they even work out to be real MLB players!
    But I bet there isn’t one of those teams that are loaded up with “top prospects” who wouldn’t trade every one of them immediately for a World Championship!

    • JacobMcCandles

      Right on poss…and on the same vein, I used to argue with all the Ranger fans on the mlb site that said they would never endure the losing seasons the Astros did to win it all…which is total BS. As a Ranger fan we would do anything for one ring!!

      • possumrld


  • GoRangers23


    Have you guys seen this? Apparently Adrian and his family were shopping in JC Penney’s and the store was making a Christmas ad with random customers in it. They didn’t even know who Adrian was. 😁

    • Rowdy Yates

      Outstanding … and Adrian had the good sense to get a gift they could donate to someone!

  • JacobMcCandles

    Hope Kevin is ok!?

  • GoRangers23

    I have somehow become way behind with posting pics. I have them ready, but will wait until a new page is up, I suppose. Unless this is going to be today’s page also?

    *I will not mention the extreme crazy panic I have every time there is no new page waiting for me when I wake up. I have become spoiled. 😄 Kevin deserves a raise for always having something available every single day for us.
    Then I worry that something awful has happened to him, and the panic continues. 😱

  • JacobMcCandles

    Seeing Star is born again!! Best movie I’ve seen in quite awhile.