Rangers miss chance to sweep.

Nathanial Lowe provided all the Rangers offense with a first inning homer in the Rangers 10-1 loss to Kansas City.

Now is when Bruce Bochy needs to reach into his Hall of Fame managerial experience and guide this team through adversity. How the Rangers navigate the loss of Corey Seager is going to go a long way to determining what this team is made of.

Last night’s game was not a good first look. The Rangers played sloppy defense. Their offense, which has been a bit suspect at times already, showed the effects of Seager’s loss, managing just one run, on a Nathanial Lowe home run in the first, and just four hits. They lost 10-1 in a very forgettable game following a very memorial one the night before.

They went quietly into the night against a Royals team that is asking to lose one hundred games this year and begging for teams to beat them.

Texas was able to win two of three, though, and that’s what should be expected. So, there’s no reason to sound an alarm or anything. But there are serious questions of where a team that has been offensively challenged can find offense to replace Corey Seager for the next month or so. That’s not to mention the loss of Mitch Garver’s bat, which should not be discounted. 

Maybe this is the catalyst for general manager Chris Young to pull the trigger on a bat he was trying to find in the offseason. Maybe Robbie Grossman isn’t enough.

The fact is, the Rangers needed offense before Seager and Garver went down. They need it now more than ever. 

Luckily they have a manager who has been through this before. 

No need to hit the panic button. But have it ready just in case.