A one-game winning streak.

Corey Seager steps on home to end the Rangers nine-game losing streak.

The long national nightmare is over. Kids can sleep soundly now. Adults can raise their heads in pride. We can all go back to wearing our Texas Rangers shirts without fear of being pelted with rocks.

The mighty boys from Arlington have won a game.

After nine straight losses, Texas beat Houston last night, 4-3. It took the Astros committing three errors, only the second time they had done such a thing all year, to give the Rangers a victory. But this Rangers team has errored its way to losses far too many times to cry any river of sympathy for the Astros.

The Rangers often have three errors by the third batter of the game. So, no self-respecting Rangers fan will look at last night’s surprise win as anything but won on merit. 

Sure, Corey Seager scored the Rangers fourth, final, and winning run on the strength of an error and then a wild pitch. But a run is a run. And a win is a win. And Rangers fans will gladly accept that victory. They have been hard to come by lately.