Actual baseball.

Jack Leiter sees action in his first Cactus League game.

It was baseball.

It didn’t matter whether Corey Seager hit a three-run homer in his first at-bat wearing a Rangers uniform, which he did, or struck out looking, which he did’t do.

It was baseball.

It didn’t matter the Rangers didn’t win. They didn’t lose either. But who cares?

It was baseball.

And it especially didn’t matter that Jack Leiter gave up three earned runs in his first game wearing a Rangers uniform because today’s spring training game stats matter as much as any other spring training game stats ever mattered, which is not at all.

It was baseball.

After all those hours spent reporting on things that don’t matter to fans, finally there is baseball to talk about. Sure, it’s spring training and it has all the worthlessness of a pre-game show, but it was just good to see the game going again since, at times, it looked like we might not see it for a long long time.

So, let these practice games unfold. Let these players get ready for the season. And bring on April 8.

It will be baseball.