All-Star Game coming here.

Next year’s All-Star Game will be held in the Rangers ballpark, roof closed.

The All-Star Game isn’t what it used to be.

That might sound like the Get Off My Lawn rantings of guy screaming at clouds, but it’s true. It used to be a game. Now it’s a TV show.

Now it’s content. It’s network programming.

Sure, it’s still the best all-star game any sport puts on. The NBA’s is really just four quarters of a dunking contest. The NFL’s is so bad, they have yet to figure out how to do it. And the NHL might have an All-Star game but who knows?

Good news is, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game—and the circus surrounding it—is coming to Arlington next year. Yep, it’s going to be in The Shed.

You have as good of a chance to get tickets as you do of watching the Rangers on TV in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If you want to get tickets, you have to be a full- or half-season ticket holder. That’s to be eligible for the worst seats in the ballpark. The best seats go to corporate sponsors and so-called celebrities on upcoming TV shows the network is trying to hype. They can cut to them in great seats, have a great time, and say, “Oh, hey look, it’s someone you’ve never heard of who is starring in a show you’ve never heard of that you will never watch.” As if it was random.

If mere mortals want to go to the game next year, we will have to go onto StubHub and plunk down a couple thousand dollars for a ticket in the far stratosphere of The Shed.

That is the benefit of being a hometown fan. You get dumped on the most.

It is too bad that the Rangers six All-Stars ended up playing in Seattle rather than at home. That would have truly been amazing. Like another Rangers home game.

Here’s hoping The Shed hosts the playoffs and World Series before next year’s All-Star Game.

And that Bruce Bochy is the manager of that game.