All Stars.

The Mets Pete Alonzo wins the 2021 Home Run Derby.

With Adolis Garcia and Kyle Gibson being named to their first All-Star team, along with teammate Joey Gallo, who was named to the team in 2019, the Rangers have now had 57 different players represent them as All-Stars, and one manager, Ron Washington.

Three Rangers have been named All-Star Game MVP: Julio Franco in 1990, Alfonso Soriano in 2004, and Michael Young in 2006.

Ivan Rodriguez played in the most All-Star Games as a Ranger. Ten, all as a starter. Josh Hamilton had the second-most All-Star appearances as a Ranger with five.

In 2012, eight Rangers were All-Stars, by far their best season. Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, and Joe Nathan. That was by all accounts the strongest Rangers team of all time. 

The All-Star Game doesn’t quite have the luster it once did, when guys like Hank Aaron and Ted Williams would play the entire game because they wanted to actually win the thing for, get this, pride. And, because, who in the heck would you replace Hank Aaron or Ted Williams with?

Now, it’s a TV show first, game second. The hype and endless sponsorships and special uniforms (which are hideous) and the entire production are overkill.

But it’s still the All-Star Game. It’s still fun to watch the best players gather for one night to play one another. And it’s still fun to see the joy these players have being there. 

You can guarantee it’s a night all three Rangers will never forget.