Another high for Lowe.

American League Player of the Week: Nathanial Lowe.

It’s not surprising that Nathaniel Lowe won American League Player of the Week honors. He seemed to have a big hit every time the Rangers needed it. For the week, Lowe smacked four home runs, drove in eleven, and batted .385.

The second half of the season has been the Nathanial Lowe Show. He’s hitting .367, with an on-base percentage at the insane level of .408, and an OPS of 1.054.

This is officially entering Napoli Territory. In 2011, Mike Napoli had a storybook second half of the season, where anytime the Rangers needed a hit, he got one. When they needed a run, he drove it in. On a team full of superstars, Napoli was the one carrying them on his shoulders.

Napoli’s second half numbers were a .383 average, a .466 on base percentage, and an OPS of 1.172. Lowe’s not too far from that.

Lowe isn’t generating as many walks as Napoli did that second half, primarily because the Rangers aren’t playing meaningful games so there aren’t really any meaningful at-bats behind him to warrant pitching around him like they did Napoli. But Lowe is in that crazy Napoli stratosphere. It’s too bad it’s going under the radar because the Rangers entire season has been below expectations.

Just know that Lowe is having a monster second half. The kind of second half legends were made of at one time around here. If only anyone cared about this 2022 Rangers team enough to create legends from them.