Another Rangers opening day.

Joe Barlow was on hand to open the new whiffle ball park yesterday in The Shed.

When the news on their field isn’t as good as it should be, maybe it’s time to turn our attention to another field. This one is guaranteed to be fun.

Yesterday, the Rangers announced the opening of their new wiffleball park in The Shed. Of course, it’s sponsored. Nothing is anything until it has an ad stuck to it. This one is called Oatly Park.

The wiffleball park at the old Ballpark was a popular feature. Kids would line up all game to swing for the fences. If they hit one while they were featured on the Jumbotron, it set off the fireworks.

It was one of those lifetime thrills that is making a welcome coming to the ballpark so much fun for kids.

Good to see the Rangers bring it back. With it they brought back the tradition of setting off fireworks. If the featured kid hits three home runs in a thirty-second period, they set off the fireworks in The Shed. How cool is that to know you caused the fireworks to go off? Any time you can feel like a big leaguer is awesome.

The best thing about all of this is it’s free. 

It’s nice to see the Rangers bring back something for the kids.