The Rangers offense has all the fear of a meek little kitten.

In the year when the Rangers are just treading water, it’s only appropriate they follow up their best game of the season with their most futile. The Rangers scored zero runs. They left eleven runners on. It was a night of utter, dismal offensive failure.

Bases loaded, no outs in the second. No runs scored.

Two on in the third. No runs scored.

Leadoff runner in the fourth on. No runs scored.

Bases loaded, no outs in the fifth. No runs scored.

Two on in the seventh. No runs scored.

Runner on in the eighth. No runs scored.

Go meekly in the ninth—one, two, three.

For the first time this season, Andrew Heaney doesn’t drop the steaks in the dirt and yet, he is charged with another loss.

The Rangers have been shut out three times already this season, all at home. Twice to a 1-0 score.

It might be time to drop Seager out of the two hole. He is a Hall of Famer in the making. But he is killing the Rangers right now. It’s not just him, as many Rangers are failing in key spots now. But Seager is the engine and he is sputtering.

The Rangers offense needs an infusion. Chris Young needs to find another bat, someone that can come in and jumpstart the team. They aren’t going to do it themselves.