First game of spring.

Exhibition games start today with a 2:05 game between guys in Texas Rangers uniforms playing guys in Kansas City Royals uniforms. Yes, it’s Laundry Day.

It’s the chance for guys who will never wear a big league jersey to put one on and play in a game, take a photo of yourself in a Rangers uniform, send it to your parents, and keep the dream alive.

Not too many guys who will actually make the team will be in the lineup today. It will be a parade of prospects. But that’s what baseball is all about. A fresh crop of kids getting their chance.

If it seems execution baseball is a bit earlier than usual, it’s because it is. Major League Baseball is trying to get players ready for the upcoming World Baseball Classic that starts March 8, so this gives them a chance to get some reps in before many players go off to play for their country.

Baseball is back today. You may not recognize any names in the boxscore. You may not every hear some of those names again. But baseball is back. The season of hope is here.

Play ball.