It’s a sweep. 78 comments

You can never go wrong with a picture of Hunter Pence.

While it hasn’t been the best time to be a Rangers fan the last few seasons, it could be worse.

You could be a Mariners fan.

In 2001 they set the all-time record with 116 regular season wins. It’s been all downhill from there.

They haven’t sniffed the playoffs since. This will be the nineteenth season in a row without a post-season berth. It’s the longest such drought in American pro sports.

To make it even more cruel, the Mariners started the season on fire. After the first fifteen games, they were an amazing 13-2.

Then the next 35 games happened. Then they went 9-27.

The Rangers swept them in three games in pretty dominating fashion. Two games with offense that was stellar. Yesterday with pitching.

These are the games the Rangers need to win, and they are.

Next time the Rangers make you want to scream and pull out your hair, stop to take a moment of thanks that you were not born in the Pacific northwest.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Texas is that other side.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?