Lost weekend.

Max Scherzer takes his first loss as a Ranger.

Cincinnati, April 24, 25, and 26.

San Diego June 28, 29, an d 30.

Arlington, August 28, 19, and 20.

The Rangers had their third lost weekend of the season where they got swept in a three-game series and just looked horrible. While the Cincinnati series wasn’t technically a weekend, it actually felt like a month. That was the series the Rangers had a lead in all three games and the bullpen collapsed, allowing three runs in the final two innings of a 7-6 loss, six runs in the eighth inning of another 7-6 loss, and two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning of a 5-3 loss.

In San Diego, they lost three games where they just looked spent, losing 7-1, 4-0, and 5-3. The offense disappeared.

Sort of like what happened the last three games against the Brewers at home. The losses weren’t a soul crushing as the three in Cincinnati, they were more helpless like the three in San Diego. The Rangers offense never got going, except for one inning in the first game that wasn’t enough. Texas lost 9-8, 6-1, and 6-2, piled up the strikeouts and runners left on base.

After the Cincinnati series, it became clear the bullpen was in shambles but the Rangers didn’t do much at the time about it and the bullpen continues shambling. After the San Diego, it became clear the Rangers had some holes in the offense that needed to be addressed and the Rangers traded for Max Scherzer and Jordan Montgomery.

But, after that lost weekend in Cincinnati, the Rangers ripped off seven wins in their next ten, and after the lost weekend in San Diego, the Rangers won nine of their next ten.

So, if this recent lost weekend at home offers any home, the Rangers have recovered twice. their next ten are against Arizona, Minnesota, and the Mets. Here’s hoping the bats can find a way to hit baseballs. Otherwise it’s more than a just one weekend that will be lost.