Lowe on high.

Nathanial Lowe is cementing his place in the future of the Rangers lineup.

Nathanial Lowe is having himself quite a season offensively. And it seems to be happening under the radar. That’s probably because he has been steadily improving month by month. He’s not flashy. He just seems to be getting it done.

Last night, Lowe went 4-for-5, raising his batting average to .294. While his OPS says he’s not quite as productive as some of the elite first basemen in baseball, he’s certainly moving in the right direction. 

Looking at his splits, you almost have to double check that those numbers are fLowe and not, say, Freddie Freeman or any other superstar first basemen in baseball.

In the last 28 days, Lowe is hitting .359, with an on-base percentage of .411. and an other-worldy OPS of .964.

That’s better than Freeman. In fact, that’s better than every other first baseman in baseball except for Paul Goldschmidt.

This is Lowe’s fourth big league season and he’s improved each year, incrementally the first three season, a huge leap in 2022.

The Rangers have a lot of holes to fill this year. Lowe is showing first base is not one of those holes.