No landing gear.

Failed closer Jonathan Hernandez returns to the Rangers roster to blow another save.

A team without a bullpen is like a plane without landing gear. It’s like having enough provisions to get to the top of the mountain but once you get there, you have no way to get back down. It’s like getting presents on Christmas morning, opening them, then having them returned.

For the second time in a week, the Rangers recorded two blown saves in one game. That had happened only two times in the previous 63 seasons of the franchise, dating back to when they were the Washington Senators, before this week’s two bullpen disasters, which are just the latest in a long list of bullpen disasters.

When the starter comes out of the game, the Rangers have nobody they can rely on. This won’t suddenly turn around. The offensive inability to get a hit with runners in scoring position, that will turn around. The bullpen’s inability to hold leads, that will not turn around. Because it’s been a problem from opening day. It was a problem when the trade deadline came. It’s still a problem, only now, there is no hope of it being resolved.

At least before the deadline, Rangers fans had hope that Chris Young would find a reliable closer. He didn’t. And he is now seeing his team collapse like cheap folding chairs at a weight watchers convention.

A team without a bullpen is not a contending team. The Rangers pulled it off for the first four and a half months of the season.  Unfortunately, the season is six months. 

Texas is now two and a half games ahead of Toronto for the last wildcard spot. Without a bullpen, they really don’t have much hope.

Maybe this plane can land without landing gear. Just depends on how lucky they are.