Offense running on fumes.

Where is the gas? Where is the power?

In this anemic streak the Rangers are in, the only way they are going to score is if they get three hits in an inning. That means they can get only one run an inning, maybe two. But the big inning, that’s not going to happen with a bunch of singles.

The Rangers are eighteen games into the season and Corey Seager has one home run. Marcus Semien, Jonah Heim, Evan Carter have two. Josh Smith, Wyatt Langford, and Leody Taveras have yet to hit one. 

The Rangers aren’t hitting many doubles either. It’s a total void of power. A lot of power hitters across baseball aren’t hitting. Last year’s NL MVP, Ronald Acuña, had 41 home runs. He has none. 

For the Rangers, it’s a total team power failure. This is an offense that is capable of scoring runs in bunches on paper. But until they start doing it in a game, it’s unfulfilled promise.

Right now, they just need someone to get hot. Anyone. Texas is 3-7 in its last ten games. In five of those, they’ve scored two runs or fewer. And other than those three meaningless runs in the ninth against Houston, which not surprisingly came from a home run, they’d have four games in a row with two or fewer runs.

The good news is, this offense is capable of exploding. It’s going to. And when it does, a whole lot of teams are going to pay for it.

Until then, as the Rangers limp by on E, they’re going to have to put up with a lot of Ls.