Once a Matt Moore, always a Matt Moore. 26 comments

Matt Moore allows a game-losing two-run homer to the Twins’ Jake Cave what would be an eight-run fifth inning.


Question: How do you let a six-run lead evaporate?

Answer: Two words. Matt. Moore.

Last night Matt Moore returned from a few games vacation as a reliable reliever. But it was just a matter of time before he reared his ugly head again.

There had been an idea floating around Rangers world that Matt Moore had re-invented himself as a reliable reliever. That was as true as a National Enquirer story about the Bat Boy.

The truth is, Matt Moore had three relief appearances in a row without allowing a run. So that was somehow parlayed into Matt Moore had found his place. But the numbers tell the true story.

In moving to the bullpen, he has obscured how bad he is by limiting his sewage emissions to just a few innings at a time, rather than over the course of a start where it’s more obvious.

Since he mercifully lost his job as a starting pitcher, Matt Moore had had sixteen relief appearances before last night. He had a scoreless inning only seven times.

Moore had given up twenty earned runs in 33.1 innings. For a 5.40 ERA. But compared to his 7.88 ERA as a starter, that was sparkling. Compared to West Virginia, Alabama looks pretty good, too.

Last night, he entered the game with an 6-3 lead. He promptly allowed five runners to cross the plate.

He left the game after logging one inning pitched and having four of those five runs charged to him.

His relief ERA rose to 6.29.

Martin Perez may find new life in the Rangers bullpen. Matt Moore hasn’t.


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