Phillies go hitless.

A no-hitter with a little help from my friends.

For the third time in post-season history, a no-hitter has been thrown. 

It was a historic day that will be watered down by the peculiarities of modern managing.

History will now remember Don Larson, Roy Halliday, and a bunch of Astros pitchers.

No-hitting a team in the World Series is quite an accomplishment. A combined no-hitter makes it more of a footnote than a milestone.

If, say, your starting third baseman hits a triple and a single, gets taken out of the game, and his replacement hits a double and a home run, do we celebrate a combined hitting for the cycle?

No. It’s an oddity. Nothing more.

A combined no-hitter has the same sense of majesty. Oh.

In the end, the Phillies failed to get a hit in Game 3. The Astros evened the series at two games apiece. And, more importantly, alerted everyone they are not going to roll over so easily.