Rangers are finally serious about not sucking.


Finally, it seems Rangers’ ownership is committed to winning. 

Finally, it seems Rangers’ ownership is serious about contenting.

Finally, it seems Rangers’ ownership is tired of stinking.

Because, finally, the Rangers hired a manager who knows what he is doing. 

The Texas Rangers have hired Bruce Bochy as the twentieth manager in team history. After the worst stretch in team history, they hire the most accomplished manager in team history.

Bochy has skins on the wall. He won three World Series with the Giants, and took the Padres to the World Series before that.

In the entire history of major league baseball, only ten managers have led their teams to three or more championships. Bochy is one of those. 

The reaction of people who know tells the story.

Dave Stewart, an All-Star pitcher, player agent, and team executive said, “The hiring of Bruce Bochy is a game changer for the Rangers. He comes in the door with tremendous value!! Chris Young, congratulations on your first impactful move.”

Mets announcer Howie Rose said, “Wow. Bruce Bochy is back. Good for the Texas Rangers. Good for baseball. These senior citizen managers really do know what they’re doing. Baker, Showalter, Melvin, Francona are difference makers. There’s more to managing than being a technocratic clerk in servitude to the geeks.”

And retired Rangers beat writer T.R. Sullivan, who saw more than his share of bad Rangers baseball, said, “The three biggest ‘name’ hirings in Rangers history: Billy Martin in 1973…Buck Showalter in 2002…now Bruce Bochy. All 3 came with Rangers at the lowest points in club history. Rangers currently have 6 straight losing seasons…4 straight before Martin and 3 before Showalter.”

A guy with the pedigree and interest as Bruce Bochy could go anywhere he wants. With so many teams looking for a manager, teams who were so much closer to contending in 2022 than the Ranger, you’d have to think he chose to come to Texas because he was promised this team would invest in what is needed to compete.

As a Rangers fan, you have to feel great about this. This is the best news in a decade.

One, Bruce Bochy is the manager of the Texas Rangers. Two, Jon Daniels has nothing to do with the Texas Rangers.

Things are looking up.